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Samsung Electronics - VRF System

DVM S - DVMS Eco - Indoor Units - VRF System - Heat Pump - Vapour Injection - CoPs

Samsung DVM S - VRF system

The DVM S is Samsung's 5th generation VRF system and is available in heat pump systems from 10-225kW or heat recovery variants from 22 - 225kW. A comprehensive range of indoor unit styles and capacities offer sophisticated installation solutions and optional accessories, including the virus doctor filtration technology which eradicates 99.6% of viruses and bacteria, making it an ideal solution for healthcare or education applications.

Samsung DVM S Birdview

DVMS Eco - Mini VRF

The DVM S eco is Samsung's mini VRF heat pump system, currently available in capacities from 4-8HP (10 to 22.4kW). The compact size and light weight of the twin fan side blow 8HP provides a compact solution to restrictive plant spaces, whilst still utilising the full range of DVM S indoor unit styles and control systems available. Capable of 150m pipe length, the DVM S eco provides flexible installation and high efficiency solutions for retail, hotel, residential and commercial applications.

DVM S - 22kW-225kW

The heat recovery & heat pump DVM S systems are available in single modules from 8 to 22HP, which can be combined to create up 80HP refrigeration systems with 80 indoor units. SEERs of up to 7.85 (CoPs up to 5.49) are accomplished utilising all inverter compressors with vapour injection, which also allow for a 200m pipe separation between outdoor & indoor units and height difference of up to 110m.

In addition to the above, the range includes an industry leading single 26HP DVM S 2-pipe heat pump outdoor unit provides 73.6kW cooling with a footprint of just 0.99m2 so ideal for compact plant spaces.

DVM S Water - 22kW - 168kW

A range of water cooled condensers from 22 - 168kW complements the VRF portfolio, including a compact 20HP single module providing a 30% space saving. These systems are suitable for large buildings that use water as its heat source, with connections to a cooling tower or boiler. Utilising the same inverter compressors with vapour injection, pipe separation of 170m between condenser & indoor units and height difference of up to 50m.

Samsung Dynamic Silver

DVM S indoor units

A comprehensive range of indoor unit styles a capacities will suit almost any project. The unique attributes from the DVM S indoor unit models set Samsung apart from its competitors. From 135mm slim 1way cassettes with stylish panels, compact and slim ducted units with a wide ESP range, through to two styles of wall units, one of which includes Samsung's virus doctor filtration system; which is now an accessory option on many more models.


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Samsung Electronics VRF AC Product Range

Samsung Electronics VRF AC Product Range

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