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Daikin UK - VRV / Air Conditioning Systems

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Technology Beats Dust to Boost Comfort

Revolutionary dust-beating technology from Daikin UK adds a fresh dimension to air-conditioned comfort for hotel guests – and boosts the efficiency and reliability of VRV systems.

Following the success of the self-cleaning panel option for its Roundflow cassettes, Daikin has introduced an automated filter cleaning system for its medium static pressure FXDQ-type slim ducted fan coil units – typically found in hotel bedrooms, but also popular in other applications where a concealed unit is required in a ceiling void of just 240mm.

The system is also available for FDXM-F-type units, a similar design for use with R32 multi-split systems.

The award-winning cleaning system avoids the basic problem of dust accumulation, which necessitates frequent servicing of filters.

Without regular servicing, system performance can be impaired, comfort levels are reduced, and operating costs are increased. Dust build-up can also lead to dirty marks around grilles.

In tests comparing automatic weekly filter cleaning against manual cleaning at three-month intervals, the automated system delivered efficiency gains of up to 20%.

The system has a unit programmed to sweep across the width of the filter at predefined intervals. Dust is conveyed to a dust box, where it can be removed via a suction port by a domestic vacuum cleaner.


Launched in 2012, Daikin’s pioneering revolutionary VRV IV system set a new standard in the industry, introducing new levels of seasonal efficiency and comfort. Offering an integrated solution to cover multiple applications, its design simplicity, flexible configuration, combined with ease of installation and commissioning, continues to position Daikin as the best partner of choice for climate control, with over 220,000 VRV IV units sold since its launch.

Advanced research and development have ensured Daikin’s VRV IV technology remains unmatched.

Features such as Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) Technology automatically adjusts temperatures in line with loads and ambient temperature, while the continuous heating during defrost technology eliminates temperature drops during defrosting.

Further system developments have since followed and with the launch of the VRV IV+ series we continue to build on our strategy of delivering systems that are truly efficient in real life situations and we are already compliant with the new ENER LOT 21 – Tier 2 is due to come into force in 2021.

Central to the new VRV IV+ units, the compressor has been redesigned and fully optimised to ensure high performance at part loads, which is the main operation mode throughout the year. The inclusion of a back-pressure control port that sends a small amount of high-pressure refrigerant from the compression chamber to the back of the scroll.

We can therefore ensure optimal separation of lower- and higher-pressure sides within the compression chamber, boosting seasonal efficiency to a new standard.

Madoka Controller

Daikin’s VRV accessories range includes a sleek and elegant touchscreen wired remote controller, designed to enhance the user experience. It is available in three colours to suit décor choices and is a compact 85x85mm.

In standard view it allows easy adjustment of room temperature, while the alternative detailed view provides access to various other basic functions. More advanced energy-saving settings such as constraining upper and lower temperature limits can be adjusted with a smartphone.

A kW/h indication shows electricity consumption in the past day, month or year. Up to three different schedules can be pre-set for summer, winter and mid-season – enabling the user to select them as necessary.

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