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Daikin UK - Sky Air & Split Systems

Sky Air - Split Systems - Air Conditioning - Cooling - Heat Pumps

R32 Systems

Daikin UK introduced the first R32-based heat pump systems in Europe – giving domestic air conditioning a foretaste of next-generation refrigerants. R32 is Daikin’s preferred refrigerant to meet next-generation legislative and environmental requirements because of its superior energy efficiency and low global warming potential. R32 already makes up 50% of R410A refrigerant, but R32 on its own has a GWP of 675, compared to R410A’s 2,088. The greater energy efficiency of R32 results in a lower refrigerant charge and the potential to manufacture smaller units. It is also easier to re-use and recycle as it is a single component gas.

Daikin introduced the world’s first R32 domestic air conditioners in Japan in 2012 and has already sold more than 14 million systems worldwide. Installation of R32 systems is like the R410A systems, however slightly different installation tools are required. Daikin can advise on training requirements. A restricted range of R410A products remains available alongside the newer technology.

Sky Air A-Series

Daikin UK’s Sky Air range of air conditioning solutions for light commercial applications features the award-winning A-Series, with Bluevolution R32 technology. Promising seasonal efficiencies of up to 10% higher than the previous series, the Daikin Sky Air A-Series has the highest absolute seasonal efficiency industry-wide. The range adds flexibility to design, with piping lengths up to 85m and extended operating ranges – cooling from -20°C to +52°C (outdoors) and heating down to -20°C (outdoor temperature).

There are three ranges in the A-Series, and two are contained within a lightweight single fan casing of less than a metre high – easy to handle and minimal ongoing visual impact. The high-end double fan unit comes pre-charged for a 40-metre pipe run – which covers the maximum length for 60% of Sky Air applications. This saves time and cost and avoids the need for calculations, carrying gas bottles or adding field charge. And with an R32 charge of less than 7.4kg, there is no F-gas requirement for leak checking.

At the heart of the A-Series is the unique Daikin swing compressor – designed for high efficiencies and increased service life – and Daikin’s refrigerant cooling technology for PCBs, ensuring reliability in all weather conditions. With a redesigned pivoting front panel for easy access to components, the units feature a new 7 segment display for easy error read-outs and an integrated leak-check function. The Sky Air A-Series is therefore quicker to work with at every stage of installation, commissioning and servicing.

R32 EWAT-B Chiller

Daikin has launched the world’s first air-cooled scroll chiller series using R32 refrigerant. The new generation air-cooled chillers, EWAT-B are available for cooling only and heat recovery applications from 80kW up to 700kW cooling capacity at nominal conditions. Compared to the previous R-410A range, the new EWAT-B chiller series’ seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is improved by 10%. The chiller range fully complies with the efficiency requirements imposed by current European Legislation (Ecodesign Lot 21).

The Global Warming Potential is 675, which is only one third of the commonly used refrigerant R-410A. The new Daikin chiller series will be available with two efficiency versions (Silver and Gold), combinable with three sound configurations (Standard, Low and Reduced) and providing full customisation on project-specific requirements. The new Daikin series comes with Master/Slave functionality as standard, allowing the management of up to 4 units on the same system without the need for external control devices.

Daikin Altherma 3

Bluevolution technology – combining high-efficiency Daikin compressors and being the UK’s first heat pump to use R32 refrigerant, the Daikin Altherma 3 Low Temperature Split Heat Pump is setting the standard for domestic renewable heating technology in the UK.

Delivering temperatures up to 65°C, the Daikin Altherma 3 is great for underfloor heating, radiators and domestic hot water. It is available in 4, 6 and 8 kW models and retains the Daikin Altherma pedigree trademark of frost protection down to -25°C, ensuring reliable operation in even the coldest climates.

Easy to install and maintain, it is delivered with all key hydraulic components in place and all servicing of the wall-mounted indoor unit can be done from the front. It is easy to commission – no more than nine easy steps – and configuration can take place remotely.

The outdoor unit is pre-tested and charged with refrigerant to reduce installation time. It is easy to control, with the Daikin Online Controller app giving the user the convenience of anywhere, anytime adjustment of home comfort levels to suit individual preferences while achieving further energy efficiencies.

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