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AET Flexible Space - Underfloor Air Conditioning

Fan Air Terminals- Air Conditioning - CAM-C System - UFAC

Underfloor Air Conditioning

Underfloor air conditioning (UfAC™) systems make use of the plenum beneath a raised access floor to create the air ventilation zone, eliminating the need for ceiling based services and associated duct and pipework. Each floor is divided into zones of up to 300m² depending on the potential use and occupancy density of the area.

Each zone is supplied with chilled or warmed air by a zonal air handling unit or CAM (Conditioned Air Module) and the conditioned air is then delivered into the space using a recessed (Fantile) or floor standing fan terminal. Air travels back to the CAM for re-conditioning either at floor level via the plenum (CAM-C), or at high level (CAM-V). Both CAM-C and CAM-V systems can be configured to be either chilled water (CW) or direct expansion (DX).

Create high quality workspace with inherent flexibility. Adaptable and easily reconfigured, our systems are ideal for commercial offices, learning centres and mixed-use space.

CAM-C Floor Supply - Floor Return

The CAM-C system makes use of the raised floor void as a plenum for the distribution and the return of air. Within the floor void, flexible baffle material segregates zones into supply and return plena.

A CAM-C system is the best option for increasing headroom in height restricted buildings and where ceilings may be left exposed to highlight architectural features.

CAM-V Floor Supply - High Level Return

The CAM-V system makes use of the raised floor void as a plenum for the distribution of supply air. Return air is received back to the unit at ceiling or high level.

No division in the floor plenum means the CAM-V system is the best option for flexibility and future reconfiguration.

Fantile Only

Fantiles are fan air terminals, recessed into the underfloor void, and can be used independently, or to boost airflow and cooling performance of centralised Displacement Ventilation systems. This can reduce the number of passive grilles required.

Why Use UfAC?

  • Height saving
    • save height in new build construction
    • increase headroom in refurbishment projects
  • Architectural design freedom through elimination of the ceiling void
  • Energy saving - gain LEED & BREEAM credits for modular zonal design
  • Comfort cooling - heating & cooling with reduced draughts & personal control
  • Flexibility - economical & easy to adapt for tenant fit-out & future change of use
  • Sustainability - reduced churn costs & material wastage through system flexibility & modularity
  • Enhanced capital allowances - by using the underfloor plenum as the ventilation zone without ducts
  • Enhance Displacement Ventilation systems with active fan terminals (Fantiles)
  • Easy integration with central plant & other building services
  • Healthy workspace - excellent indoor air quality, WELL standard credits
  • Easy reconfiguration & fit-out from CAT-A to CAT-B workspace

AET is the leading provider of underfloor systems, offering the widest range of equipment and bespoke solutions.

We have more than 170 project references in the UK, and over 300 worldwide including a number of award winning buildings. We have worked with leading developers, architects and consulting engineers.

AET Flexible Space: less waste, a better use of space.

Underfloor Air Conditioning

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UfAC Low energy comfort cooling historical building features Underfloor Air Conditioning

AET Flexible Space
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