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Xylem Water Solutions - Lowara HYDROVAR 5th Generation

HYDROVAR - 5th Generation - Multipump Capability - Retrofitting - HVL - THDi Filter

HYDROVAR is an intelligent controller that matches pump performance to demand. It controls the speed of a standard IEC motor by converting the fixed voltage and frequency from the power supply line.

It can be fitted easily to any new pump system or retrofitted to existing pumps using the fast and easy “clip and play” mounting clamps. Pump systems are very often oversized for the application and therefore use much more energy than needed. With energy savings of up to 70% at partial loads alone, the typical investment payback period is less than 2 years, depending on energy costs and pump operating times.

A motor running at 80% of its maximum speed uses 48% less energy and slashes carbon emissions.

The controls available include constant pressure, system curve, constant flow or via an external signal. In addition to these functions, HYDROVAR can do things that are normally only performed by the most advanced computerised control systems such as: stopping the pump or pumps at zero demand; stopping the pump or pumps in case of water failure; allowing protection against dry running; a standard feature of a 2nd required input value that allows change over between two different pressure settings via an external switch; sensor failure and over temperature of inverter and motor which protects the pump and motor from under or overvoltage.

Other features include automatic test starts, auto cyclic change of lead and lag pump units, a memory for any inverter fault signals, an operating hours run counter and two levels of password protection if required.

General HYDROVAR Key Features

Motor or wall mountable

  • Simple mounting clip
  • Small footprint of the package with the HV mounted on the motor
  • Mountable in any standard AC motor

Pump specific application software

  • Easy to commission
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Enables virtually any configuration of pumps
  • Pump specific functions / language operation / application software
  • Safe stop of the pump

Multipump capability up to 8 pumps

  • Great redundancy for failsafe systems
  • No external control panel is needed

Integrated functions to protect pumps and motors

  • Specific pump protections
    (e.g. Dry run protection, system shut off in case of pipe burst)
  • Specific motor protections
    (e.g. overtemperature, overcurrent, undervoltage)
  • Log Error with date and time stamp

Easy to integrate in BMS systems

  • Modbus & BACnet as standard
  • Complete set of Analog & Digital I/O
  • Direct motor control function (Actuator)

Robust and quality design

  • IP55 as standard
  • Quality components
  • Aluminium pod


  • Suitable for any AC Motor in the market
  • Easy & cost effective installation with the motor mounted version
  • Longer lifetime of the pumps

Energy saving up to 70%

  • Variable speed pump vs. fix speed pump

HVL - Hydrovar 5th Generation Key Features

Easy and safe accessibility for wiring harness

  • Separated wiring chamber with a dedicated cover
  • Electronic components protected

Easier to commission and to operate

  • Start-up menu
  • Wider LCD with additional parameters shown in the same page
  • Extended set of language
  • Pre-programmed parameter for standard motors

Extended communication capabilities

  • BACnet as standard
  • Wi-Fi card as option

Advanced motor control

  • Reduced heating of the motor
  • Extended lifetime of the motor
  • Thermal protection of the motor via software (no more PTC)
  • Minimising the drive losses

Two tiers offering

  • Multipump capability as standard
  • Premium Card Hydrovar as option for extended I/O
  • Easy product selection

Range extension

  • Introduction of 1,5kW 3ph 380-460V.
  • Introduction of 1,5kW 2,2kW 3ph 208-240V

THDi filter embedded

  • Better quality of the power supply
  • Reduced heating of the cables
  • Extended lifetime of equipment
  • No line reactor filters


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