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Halton Foodservice - High Performance Kitchens

High Performance Kitchens - Controlled Ventilation - Air Handling Units - Exhaust Units

Halton Foodservice Completes the Technology Circle of High Performance Kitchens

Using Capture Jet™ technology drastically improves the capture efficiency of smoke, particulates and the thermal plume compared to traditional ventilation canopies, thereby reducing the exhaust airflow duties required. This can result in up to 40% less exhaust airflow rates: the main benefit of Capture Jet™ technology.

Through Halton’s innovation and development, we have made and continue to make sustained improvements on energy efficiency within the commercial kitchen ventilation system, not just the air for extraction, but also the replacement fresh air.


Proven energy efficiency for end users, clients and consultant specifications M.A.R.V.E.L. is an ‘On Demand’ Controlled Kitchen Ventilation system (DCKV) that can recognise the thermic signature of the cooking appliances by scanning each surface and then adjusting the airflow rates to the lowest level while still removing all the smoke and heat released.

M.A.R.V.E.L. also has the unique ability to carry out this adjustment in real time and area by area.

If just one of the canopies is operational, the others will continue to operate at a low flow rate. This means unrivalled energy savings as the exhaust airflow rates (and fresh supply air rates) can offer a reduction of up to 64% with the five times awarded M.A.R.V.E.L. technology.

CMOD (Cold Mist ‘On Demand’) is designed primarily for ‘solid fuel’/open flame cooking. Ideal for high temperature cooking where airborne grease particles stay longer in vapour stage, the cold water mist penetrates the grease particle causing it to become viscous (sticky) and heavy so it drops out of the airstream and/or sticks to the plenum.

Cold Mist creates efficient grease removal, cools the air temperature in the filter housing and removes sparks/heat through evaporative cooling, by default becoming a spark arrester and helping protect ductwork.

CMOD only activates when strictly required and stops automatically when the cooking appliance emissions stop. Proactive controls use IR sensors to monitor cooking activity in ‘real time’ – no need for continuous cold mist and standard extraction is still in operation, even when water is not required, ensuring sufficient ventilation.

In ‘live’ site tests, the client achieved environmental targets, saved 66% in water consumption and over £2200 in running costs.

UVOD (UV ‘On Demand’) is a new control system that provides enhanced functionality to existing UV pollution control systems. UVOD is designed to activate the UV-C filtration only when needed by automatically detecting cooking activity using patented detection technology.

This new technology contributes to energy saving objectives with the added benefit of reduced levels of excess ozone at the discharge. In ‘live’ site tests, the client reduced UV usage by 44% and saved over £1200 in running costs from only 12 tubes.

These results enable significant savings to the energy consumption of commercial kitchens. It also means:

  • Fast payback times due to reduced ductwork size, fan dimensions and space needs for the technical installations
  • Enhanced working conditions due to a good air quality, lower acoustic levels and the absence of drafts inside the kitchen.

Establish your kitchen wherever you choose and breathe the healthiest air with the Eurovent accredited range of Halton AHUs.

Our Ecology units, PEU for Extract, AEU for Supply and XEU combining both extract and supply, offer the widest range of kitchen specific Eurovent accredited air handling units with exclusive pollution and air quality control technologies. Combine hygiene, safety and air quality with efficient heat recovery and increased filter lifetime.

Get rid of neighbourhood complaints, even in the most densely populated areas, breathe the healthiest air and benefit from massive savings.

Through our passion for innovation, Halton Foodservice completes the technology circle and provides the most efficient solutions for all stages of kitchen ventilation systems. From containment to extraction and discharge of the air to atmosphere, through to providing the cleanest and healthiest replacement air, our depth of knowledge and experience in our teams is second-to-none, a factor recognised by respected professionals within the industry.

Kitchen Ventilation

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