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BRUGG Pipes - Pipework Systems

Pipework Systems - Pre-Insulated Pipes – CALPEX® - Steel Pipe Systems

Supply of pre-insulated pipe systems for underground heating, cooling and water supply networks.

Brugg Pipesystems offers a wide range of insulated pipes to meet customer requirements for temperature, pressure and reliable jointing systems. We aim to provide energy-efficient, long-life and cost-effective solutions. In the UK and worldwide, many thousands of projects have been successfully implemented using Brugg pre-insulated pipes.


Operating range 80°C continuous max. 95°C (short-term) 6/10 bar CPX UNO DN 20-150, CPX DUO DN 20-50.

Top-selling flexible, PE-Xa system for LTHW networks, drinking water, waste water and cooling pipe, industrial applications and swimming pool technology. Low energy loss with option of increased insulation for enhanced energy efficiency. Bonded, self-compensating structure. PUR insulation and LDPE casing.

CALPEX 140/202 pipe is capable of handling up to 1.8 MW and is supplied on long coils. Duo pipe 75+75/202 can deliver 350 kW and is available in coil lengths up to 80m.

This is the lowest value anywhere in the world and makes it possible to go significantly below the previously believed physical heat conductivity for polyurethane.

  • The new range of CALPEX pipes with these advanced insulation properties will be Branded – CALPEX PUR-KING.
  • CALPEX PUR-KING will thus become a trigger for a further significant rise in the energy efficiency of pre-insulated pipe systems for the heating and cooling market.
  • CALPEX PUR-KING was gradually introduced onto the market from April 2018.


Operating range -20°C to + 40°C. PN16 DN 20-125 and 125mm-315mm.

PE100 insulated pipe system for water distribution pipes in district and local cooling networks, insulated cold water service, connection to geothermal sources and the insulated transport of waste water. PUR insulation and fusion welded joints.


Operating range: up to 30°C, pressure PN 16, DN 20-100.

Flexible PE cold water pipe system with PUR insulation and the added security of a trace heating strip to prevent freezing in extreme conditions.


Operating range -170°C to +150°C, PN 16/25, DN 25-150.

An ultra-strong, flexible, bonded, double-walled safety pipe with stainless steel carrier pipe and steel casing pipe for the most demanding applications.

Supplied on coils and suitable for trenchless installation such as road and railway crossings and sensitive historic sites.

Leak detection wires as standard.


Operating range max. 180°C (160°C sliding) PN 16/25 UNO/DUO DN 20-100.

A flexible, bonded pipe system with stainless steel carrier pipe and LDPE casing pipe for MTHW building connection or as a branch connection to steel mains such as PREMANT. Self-compensating for expansion.

PIR insulation for low energy loss. Leak detection wires as standard.


Operating range up to 140°C, PN 25, DN 20-1000.

Rigid, PUR heat-insulated steel pipe system, HDPE casing for MTHW District Heating and Chilled Water Cooling Mains. Standard lengths 6m and 12m. Three insulation grades available. Full range of pre-insulated fittings and accessories. Joints require site welding.

Ewelcon® fusion welded casing joints provide excellent sealing and re-insulation of underground joints.

Other pipe systems are available. For UK sales, product and technical information visit www.bruggpipesystems.co.uk. For international enquiries visit www.pipesystems.com

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