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IMC Britannia  - Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen Ventilation - CONEX Hoods - Ultima Recirculation Unit - IMC Britannia

Since its inception, IMC Britannia has built its reputation upon a team of the industry’s most experienced people, with a combined knowledge far surpassing that of our competitors. It is this intimate understanding of the product, the industry and our focus on customer service, which has seen us grow into the UK’s market leading supplier of Commercial and Institutional Kitchen Hoods.

IMC Britannia offers a range of products and services covering all types of kitchen ventilation systems including grease filtration systems, recessed LED light fittings, fully fitted out service distribution units, splashback wall cladding, fire suppression systems and make up air systems.

CONEX Hoods with Capture & Containment

The CONEX range of hoods has been developed after years of “real world” testing and observation of kitchen hoods combined with testing completed at our Wrexham research and development facility.

The product range includes extract housings with grease drawers and filters with UL, DIN-18868-5 and ASTM 2519 test certificates. Add supply air to the extract unit to include low velocity introduction of supply air through removable stainless steel grilles.

 Inclusion of the Capturestream capture and containment system as standard with all supply air canopies improves capture efficiency by introducing a small amount of air through the double skin construction to holes located within the perimeter of the hood.

Pre-wired steam, heat and condensation resistant 4000k LED lighting is provided as standard with lighting options available from 3000k to 6500k to suit any lighting scheme. DALI and emergency lighting options are available across the whole range.

All components are designed to operate within high performance parameters whilst reducing complexity providing a durable and reliable solution in an aesthetically pleasing package.

Extending beyond the basic product our first class service includes consultant design teams that can offer full design support from airflow calculations, sizing selection and drawing support.

Ultrastream UV Filtration System

The Ultrastream grease and odour removal system bolts directly into the CONEX range of canopies providing treatment at source. This keeps extract ducts clean and allows for cleaner discharge air – this system can also be retro-fitted providing the maximum flexibility and future proofing for the end user.

Primary grease removal is achieved by substituting our Superstream filters within the CONEX hood for our Ultrastream, high efficiency two stage baffle filter. Ultrastream filters hold UL, ULC, DIN-18868-5 and ASTM 2519 test certificates.

Grease and odour destruction are achieved by passing the extract air through the UV lamp assembly located within the CONEX canopy. Intense UV light breaks down and destroys residual grease and odours by a proven combination of ozonolysis and photolysis.

Ultima Recirculation Unit

Ultima is a self-contained kitchen ventilation unit for use over electric only equipment that comprises a full size extract and supply canopy with a dedicated filtration tower at one end. The tower has an integral centrifugal fan unit and additional stages of filtration to clean the air before being introduced back into the kitchen.

Contaminated air from cooking appliances is filtered first by the Superstream baffle grease filters located in the canopy to remove the vast proportion of the grease from the airstream.

Using the power of the internal fan in the tower, the air is then drawn out from the canopy and through the tower assembly and passed through four additional stages of increasingly efficient filters, to remove remaining grease before passing through carbon filter elements to reduce odours. Filtered air is then reintroduced into the kitchen through the supply diffuser on the front of the canopy.

The system is user friendly and comes complete with an intelligent control system that indicates filter replacement requirements and interfaces with the cooking equipment power supply.

Ventilated Ceilings from Britannia

Britannia provides two types of ventilated ceiling system, Silverline A low duty and Silverline B high duty.

Silverline A is the plenum based ventilated ceiling solution with dedicated drop down extract plenums within a stainless steel ceiling system complete with integral LED lighting, emergency lighting and demountable supply air tiles for access to services above the ceiling. Silverline A offers a functional solution to low and medium duty kitchens where a clean line of sight, hygienic wipeable finish and a cool, bright working environment is required.

Silverline B is the canopy based ventilated ceiling that provides dedicated extract chambers which are safely ducted to the atmosphere, reducing the fire risk within the kitchen space and providing focused extract above heavier duty appliances. The surrounding ceiling area is manufactured from stainless steel infill panels and supply air diffusers, providing a clean line of sight across the kitchen, whilst providing a durable aesthetically pleasing solution. The solution is complemented by efficient LED lighting and emergency lighting providing a complete solution.

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CONEX with Ultrastream Silverline A Ultima Recirculation System

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