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Siemens Building Products - Control Valves in HVAC Applications

Control Valves - HVAC Applications - Kvs - Sizing Chart - Variable Flow

General Guidance for the Use of Control Valves in HVAC Applications

This information is intended as a general guide for the application of HVAC control valves. Please consult the manufacturer’s relevant data sheets for detailed specifications..

  • Control valves must be suitable for the medium and operating pressure
  • Modulating control valves must not be used where tight shut-off is required
  • Control valves can be manufactured with +/- 10% tolerance on the Kvs value and should not be used as a reference for balancing purposes
  • Mixing valves have 2 inlets and 1 outlet
  • Diverting valves have 1 inlet and 2 outlets
  • Most manufacturer’s valves are mixing valves and when used in a diverting application, must be placed in the return
  • Most valves will work when installed in any position (see relevant manufacturers’ details). However, they should be installed upright as far as possible
  • Installing valves upside down should be avoided as any water leakage will run into the electrical actuator and may result in damage
  • Valves should be installed with sufficient room available for removing the actuator and complete valves for inspection purposes
  • Isolating valves and quick disconnect fittings should be installed to ease removal
  • Water systems should be cleaned, flushed and treated in accordance with current good practice e.g. as described in BSRIA Application Guide AG 1/2001: Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems & AG 2/93 Water Treatment for Building Services Systems
  • For further relevant information see CIBSE Guide B2

(For Valve Sizing Chart and Typical Mixing Valve Applications see diagrams right).

Hints on Sizing Control Valves

The valve sizing chart is based on the Siemens Building Products' magnetic valve, Kvs/size may vary for other types and manufacturers

Control valves should be sized relative to the pressure drop in the “variable flow part” of the circuit

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Control Valves

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