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Mitsubishi Electric - Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Controls

Ground Source Heat Pumps - Advanced Controls - Air Conditioning

Building the UK’s Greener Future

Radical change to how we produce and consume energy is required as the nation’s fossil-fuel supplies dwindle, along with our energy independence.

Other key drivers, from climate change and fuel poverty, to Government legislation and increasing consumer pressure, are also at work.

Commercial building stocks – characterised by a disproportionate number of old structures and a slow rebuild rate – remain massive consumers of energy. To reach the ambitious emission reduction targets the UK has set itself, our occupied spaces must be made more energy-efficient, less carbon intensive and incorporate renewable energy where possible. The good news is that many of the solutions are affordable, scalable and available now.

Modern air conditioning is an ideal way of controlling the internal environment of any building, large or small. It does not only provide cooling when required, but also heating and often hot water can be supplied from the same system.

Providing heating and hot water as part of an integrated air conditioning system is far more efficient than traditional heating methods such as gas, and as a result reduced running costs and emissions can be realised.

Advanced Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric has one of the largest ranges of small, medium and large air conditioning systems available on the market, to provide advanced environmental control to almost any building. Many of our systems are also available utilising low GWP R32 refrigerant.

The company’s City Multi VRF range not only has higher seasonal efficiencies but can also allow operators to optimise control of their system based on either heating demand or energy efficiency with the new High Performance-Heating and COP Priority modes.

Less Refrigerant in Occupied Spaces

The R32 Hybrid VRF (HVRF) range uses water to transfer heating or cooling to occupied spaces, combining the function of a 4-pipe fan coil system with the efficiency and flexibility of VRF air conditioning in one system. The system utilises a unique hybrid branch controller box to provide simultaneous heating and cooling in a simplified, two-pipe design.

The HVRF operates without using refrigerant in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection equipment and allowing more properties to take advantage of phased installation through the system’s modular design.

WR2/WY Series Ground Source Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric’s water-cooled City Multi range is listed on the Government's renewable energy list.

Tests at the company’s Hatfield headquarters have proven that this technology is 300% more efficient at heating and cooling an office than a traditional gas-fired boiler and rooftop chiller combination. The systems can be integrated with ground loops and boreholes to use the geothermal energy of the earth like a battery to store heating and cooling energy.

R22 Replacement

Both the City Multi and Mr Slim ranges of air conditioning systems offer the ability to replace and update antiquated R22 models often using existing pipework to allow replacement in days rather than weeks.

With both heat pump and heat recovery versions available, the Replace range allows older, less efficient air conditioning systems to be upgraded to some of the most efficient units available on the market.

A Comprehensive Chiller Range

With the acquisition of the Climaveneta range, Mitsubishi Electric is now able to offer the UK market a comprehensive range of advanced, bespoke, air source and water-cooled chillers able to suit almost any application. The addition of the RC Group also means that we can supply high performance and dedicated IT cooling systems with low running costs and emissions, backed up by superb technical support.

A Modern Update to Chillers

The e-Series chiller range delivers a unique modular approach to chiller technology in cooling-only and heat pump modules. Offering capacities from 90kW to 1080kW, larger systems can also be installed with minimal service space requirements.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

Lossnay’s simultaneous air exhaust to air supply heat transfer element provides effective ventilation with total heat recovery (sensible and latent), providing a comfortable air temperature and environment within the room. The energy saved by using Lossnay contributes towards lowering the running costs and minimising the size of air conditioning systems needed. Both residential (Lossnay VL) and commercial (Lossnay RVX) are available, giving Mitsubishi Electric a ventilation solution for any type of building application.

Advanced Controls & Internet Access

Mitsubishi Electric’s controls package is one of the strongest controls product ranges on the market and includes the widest range of BEMS interfaces in the industry, including BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks and Trend for both VRF and split systems. Cloud-based control for a wide range of the systems on offer from Mitsubishi Electric is also available with the MELCloud App which provides users with effortless control of their air conditioning via a wide range of PC, Tablets and Smartphones.

The company has also developed sector-specific control solutions with the MELCotel2 Hotel Interface – a unique product which can control up to 250 hotel rooms with or without the integration of a key card system.

The controller offers functionality such as night setback, temperature adjustment and window contact control, all of which provide a higher level of control, therefore more energy saving and a reduction in running costs. The AE200 centralised controller offers a large 9-inch touchscreen display with easy control of up to 50 indoor units. The controller also has features such as annual and weekly schedules, optimised start and refrigerant status function to name a few.

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