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Halton Foodservice - Safe Connected Kitchens

Smart Services, Halton Foodservice, SafeGuard UVGI

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Halton Connect & Care smart services bring predictive maintenance and optimisation to the forefront of your business, resulting in less site interventions thus limiting at best human contact in case of local or national sanitary measures.

As part of our Smart Services, Halton engineers always keep an eye on the systems and solutions. It enables fixing many of the system faults reported remotely, by a simple call to advise the kitchen team. Some other faults can be fixed by our engineers by upgrading or modifying the controllers’ settings or software.

All that remains are the predictable or unpredictable interventions – in all cases strictly required – for consumables and other spares replacement and general maintenance.

Talking about topical risks, they can not be more controlled as when Halton Connect & Care smart and distant services are combined with Halton SafeGuard UVGI anti-viral solutions (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation). They help make guests, employees or external agents safer by directly reducing the risk of virus spread.

Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is light primarily in 254nm wavelength (UV-C). This light spectrum has been proven to disrupt DNA base pairing, causing molecular lesions, and leads to the inactivation of bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Halton SafeGuard UVGI solutions are the result of extensive 3rd party and Halton Health Segment documented research regarding the effectiveness of filtration and Ultraviolet light on the mitigation of viral contagions. Healthcare facilities have had established indeed criteria for ventilation design to mitigate airborne transmission of infectious disease, Halton Health Segment has done extensive research in this area.

Halton Foodservice is sharing this knowledge to provide proven technology for deployment in the foodservice environment.

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Download our brochure about Halton SafeGuard UVGI solutions.


Since 2015, our supply Air Handling Units Aerolys are equipped with UVGI solutions and are Eurovent accredited.


Aerolys Supply Air Handling Units compliment PolluStop exhaust units. Both have been specifically developed for commercial kitchens and the very specific requirements.

Aerolys units ensures not only the vital balance between exhaust and supply is kept at all time, even with M.A.R.V.E.L. optimisation technology constantly adjusting the airflow rates, but it also ensures the chefs and their teams benefit from the healthiest fresh air. UVGI prevents the outside viruses, bacteria and fungi entering the kitchens and also fights against the known risk of seeing them developing on the coils of the unit.

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