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Daikin UK - Case Study

Air Conditioning - Sky Air - Split Systems - Cooling - Case Study

Vital role for Daikin VRV IV at high-flying tourist attraction

At one of their most iconic locations yet, air conditioning systems from Daikin UK are helping to maximise green energy standards for Brighton’s high-flying tourist attraction, British Airways i360. It is the world’s tallest moving observation tower, with its futuristic enclosed glass viewing pod rising 450 feet above the seafront to give panoramic views in all directions. Each round trip for up to 200 visitors takes 25 minutes, with the 94-ton pod travelling at 0.4 metres per second up and down the 3.9 metre diameter steel tower – the world’s most slender. On each descent, the pod generates almost half the electricity needed for an ascent.

From the same design team as the London Eye, British Airways i360 stands at what used to be the landward end of the old West Pier, overlooking its skeletal remains beyond the shoreline. It was conceived as a vertical pier – a high-tech replacement for the 1866 structure destroyed by fire in 2003. Surrounding the base of the new tower is the publicly accessible beach building which includes a restaurant, shop and flexible events spaces. The flat roof of the building, level with King’s Road, serves as the pod boarding area.

Public areas of the beach building are air conditioned by Daikin VRV IV systems, making efficient use of renewable energy for heating:

  • The ‘east’ system is a 20hp heat pump with continuous heating to deliver 27.7kW of cooling or 36.0kW of heating to the restaurant and retail area;
  • The ‘west’ system consists of two heat recovery units totalling 34hp, delivering 47.7kW of cooling and 61.3kW of heating to the events, exhibition and conference spaces, and the main office.

A British Airways i360 spokesperson said: “We have a prominent year-round attraction, so we needed high efficiency heat pumps to deliver comfortable indoor temperatures for visitors and staff in all seasons. The systems have the added benefits of heating with renewable energy.”

Dominic Shortland of Seraphic Consulting, one of the project’s building services consultants, says the air conditioning is mostly delivered via ducted fan coil units concealed in tight bulkhead locations. The installation consists of 26 slim ducted fan coil units (low external static pressure) and seven concealed ceiling units (medium external static pressure).

The beach building also has several Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation units to provide a constant supply of fresh air. The heat recovery facility minimises additional demand on the air conditioning systems when there is a significant difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures. In a further efficiency boost, carbon dioxide sensors ensure the VAM units deliver only as much fresh air as necessary to maintain air quality standards. Because of the location – literally on the beach – air conditioning design had to allow for two important variables: visibility and corrosion.

The VRV IV outdoor units are positioned out of sight in the building’s central well. Their heat exchangers have been treated with Blygold resistant coatings. This specialist factory-applied treatment – which Daikin UK recommends for systems installed anywhere within five miles of the coast and any other particularly corrosive environments – significantly extends life expectancy without compromising their thermal efficiency.

The Daikin installation includes six Daikin Sky Air single split systems which provide cooling for the motor room housing the viewing pod’s lifting mechanism and the two reproduction Victorian tollbooths which serve as the ticket office and tea room.

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