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Safetyworks & Solutions - Barrier Systems

Fixed Roof Top Barrier Systems - Handrails - Fixed Rails - Life Lines - Horizontal Lifelines

Solutions for a Safer Working Environment

Founded in 1999, Safetyworks & Solutions started out as a manufacturer and installer of permanent freestanding and mechanically fixed roof top barrier systems. But, with their own in house facilities, they soon moved into the manufacture of bespoke ladders and other light steel fabrications, designed for safe access in, and around buildings.

Responding to client demand, their product range was again extended to include walkways and then in 2000, Safetyworks & Solutions moved away from traditional stainless steel horizontal lifelines and became one of Uniline’s first approved installers.

Handrails: Easyguard

These permanent freestanding handrails are ideal for rooftop perimeters or the designation of access ways & fire escape routes and are suitable for both retrofit and new build. Specification as follows:

  • Designed and fully tested to BS/EN/SR 15 1988, and compliant to BS6180 for maintenance use, BS6399 Part 2
  • Galvanised to BS/EN 1461, and are available powder coated (again over galvanised steel), to ensure the longevity of the system and it's coating
  • Equipped with base plates fitted with bonded ribbed rubber mats, which include an EPDM foam infill. The foam infill reduces heat transference to the roof membrane, therefore reducing membrane degradation
  • Flatfooted to slide easily underneath rooftop obstructions and providing a minimal trip hazard
  • All fittings are composed of heavy-duty malleable cast iron with stainless steel grub screws, for extended life.
  • All grub screws in base plates used for adjustment of the posts & other fixings into metalwork are A2 stainless steel.
  • Adjustable by up to 250mm, and are levelled to the line of the building and against the falls of the roof thus improving the aesthetics from ground level
  • The heavy-duty base plate is designed to be easily removed for access to the roof membrane, for maintenance or repair, without the need to dismantle sections of rail, leaving the roof guarded at all times
  • Leg assemblies are at a maximum of 2m centres
  • The system can be installed in reverse for unobstructed walkways
  • The system can be terminated with either counterweights or 2m return ends, where wall fixings cannot be used
  • Powder coating over galvanising, includes Mordant wash treatment, followed by rinse, then powder coating to ensure that the coating sticks & the system is still corrosion resistant

New asphalt roofs may require tiles beneath base assemblies to prevent the system from sinking, with advice sought from your asphalt manufacturer.

Fixed Rails

Heavier duty rails can be designed to meet most loads, and comply with BS 6180. Rails can be fixed to either vertical or horizontal faces of parapet walls (or up stands) for applications where a Permanent Free Standing Handrail will not suffice.

Handrails: DoMoguard, MoBiGuard, DeMarKit

  • DoMoguard is totally free standing & designed specifically to fit around raised fragile rooflights to prevent falls through. It is tailored on site to fit sky lights of all makes & sizes.
  • MoBiGuard are mobile handrails that can be wheeled in to place to provide protection to site personnel accessing heavy goods vehicles while loading & unloading. The units are 2.4m tall & with a triple rail are suitable for large & small vehicles.
  • DeMarKit is a unique post & chain demarcation system with weighted tripod legs to produce counterweight affect to return the post back into the vertical position following a collision or during high winds.

Horizontal Lifelines

We supply and install two types of lifelines, Uniline and Uni-8 and will advise you on the most appropriate (Fall Arrest or Fall Restraint) and cost effective system required.

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