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Harlequin Floors - Frequently Asked Questions

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What sprung floors do you have in your range?

We supply four sprung floors which are Harlequin Liberty, Harlequin Activity, Harlequin WoodSpring and Harlequin Vitality.

How is a Harlequin sprung floor supplied?

This depends upon the Harlequin sprung floor you choose. Harlequin WoodSpring and Harlequin Activity are installed by our highly-skilled technical team, as is Harlequin Liberty, although you can install this yourself (supplied as 1m x 1m or 2m x 1m panels). Harlequin Vitality is our only fully self-install sprung floor, and this comes in 0.6m x 2.4m panels.

How do you install a Harlequin sprung floor?

This depends upon the Harlequin sprung floor you choose. Harlequin WoodSpring and Harlequin Activity are installed by our highly-skilled technical team. The Harlequin Liberty can also be installed by our team, although you can install this yourself. Harlequin Vitality is our only fully self-installed sprung floor.

Can you use a Harlequin sprung floor outside?

Yes but only if it’s placed on a flat surface and used in dry conditions or under cover. For instance, cobbles and grass would not provide a good base for a Harlequin sprung floor.

How many vinyl floors do you supply?

We supply nine different vinyl floors which are Harlequin Cascade, Harlequin Allegro, Harlequin Hi-Shine, Harlequin Fiesta, Harlequin Reversible, Harlequin Marine, Harlequin Standfast, Harlequin Showfloor and Harlequin Studio.

Do you supply Marley floors?

Marley Floors Ltd originally manufactured a double-sided floor for dance but in 1977, their production line closed. Bob Dagger, their Export Sales Manager, then decided to set up Harlequin Floors and began production of the same floor, calling it Harlequin Reversible. Many people still request a 'Marley floor' instead of a vinyl floor, which it actually is

How can a Harlequin vinyl floor be laid?

A portable vinyl floor is rolled out and the seams are either covered with tape or temporarily secured to the sub-floor on the underside with double-sided tape. A permanent vinyl floor is stuck down with adhesive and can’t be removed without risking damage to the floor. A semi-permanent vinyl floor is loose-laid using double-sided tape and then welded at the seams. The seams can later be cut and the floor taken up.

Can you use a Harlequin vinyl floor outside?

Yes but if it gets wet then it will become very slippery, so only when you use it in dry conditions or it’s under cover. Also, if it’s placed in the sun then it will heat up, so try to use lighter colours that stay cooler for barefoot performances.

How should I store a Harlequin vinyl floor?

You should store the rolls vertically, ideally, but that’s not always possible. For example, you may have to lay them flat in transit. In this case, take care not to store them two or three high and do not lay heavy angular props or flight cases on top of them. Also, it would be better to store them horizontally instead of at an angle as this can produce pressure folds on the bottom edge, leading to distortion when you unroll the floor.

Will a Harlequin vinyl floor crack or degrade over time?

If looked after carefully, they will last many years as they are designed to stand up to gruelling tour schedules. We have customers who still use floors that they bought from us 25 years ago!

How does cold affect a Harlequin vinyl floor?

Technically they are freeze tolerant but like all vinyls, as the temperature drops, they get harder and stiffer. However, when the temperature rises they return to normal. If the weather’s cold, the best advice when taking delivery is to get them inside as soon as possible.

What type of surface / sub-floor can a Harlequin vinyl floor be laid on?

A Harlequin vinyl floor can be laid onto most level sub-floors, for example wood, concrete or tiles. However, we do not advise laying onto carpet. If a sub-floor unacceptably hard or isn't very level, then a Harlequin sprung floor can be used in conjunction with a Harlequin surface (vinyl floor, hardwood or engineered board). If you are worried whether your existing floor is suitable, then contact us to discuss your requirements.

How is a Harlequin vinyl floor supplied?

Harlequin vinyl floors are manufactured in rolls and, depending on the product chosen, are available in widths of either 1.5m or 2m, The roll length of a Harlequin vinyl floor varies and will also depend upon the chosen product.

What’s the best way to move a Harlequin vinyl floor around?

It’s important to avoid flattening and distorting the roll so ensure that the floor is rolled up correctly, using the cardboard core it came on. You can then use Harlequin vinyl floor roll straps to keep the roll in place. You can use Harlequin vinyl floor storage bags if you need to transport or store the floor.

What guarantee do you provide?

All Harlequin floors are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in manufacture, provided that claims are made within six months of the date of despatch or installation by us. The Company's liability extends only to replacement of the product found to be defective and not to incidental or consequential loss or damage. For instance, if the end user installs a floor with an apparent fault, the Company is not responsible for the installation costs. Occasionally we may sell B-grade flooring at a reduced price. If you knowingly purchase this then the unconditional guarantee will not apply, as you would have been made aware of any defects before purchase. Harlequin Vitality, Harlequin WoodSpring, Harlequin Activity, Harlequin Liberty, Harlequin Allegro, Harlequin Cascade, Harlequin Reversible, Harlequin Standfast, Harlequin Fiesta, Harlequin Marine and Harlequin Studio are guaranteed for reasonable wear and tear for five years. However, we know from long experience that the use of floorings for stage and dance, especially tap dancing, is more arduous than conventional commercial use. Our guarantee has to exclude unreasonable damage and hazards (e.g. falling weights and stage tackle, dragging of stage carpentry with protruding fasteners, loose screws on taps, etc.) but we do take a sympathetic view towards such damage. In the event of a repair being required, we will help and advise even beyond the guarantee period.

Can you install my floor for me?

Our vinyl and sprung floors can be fitted by our highly-skilled technical team, as part of our total package to ensure your new floor is correctly installed and is fully compliant with current regulations and standards. Please contact us for further information.

Can I hire a Harlequin sprung floor?

A Harlequin Liberty sprung panel floor can be hired for touring purposes, for a television show, for a special event or even for an actor to rehearse on. PLEASE NOTE: A Harlequin sprung floor is always used in conjunction with an appropriate Harlequin vinyl floor, which is not available to hire and will need to be purchased. For further information, visit our Hire a sprung floor page or contact us.

How do I clean a Harlequin vinyl floor?

In the first instance, all new Harlequin vinyl floors should be cleaned with Harlequin vinyl dance floor cleaner. Thereafter, this cleaner can be used as your routine general cleaner.

How much does a Harlequin floor cost?

This will depend upon the type of floor you are looking for, the area you wish to cover, if you need it installed, where you're based, etc. We are unable to provide a specific price or even a general indication on our website. Therefore, please contact us for a quote, advice, FREE samples, further information and/or product availability.

Where can I buy a Harlequin floor?

Harlequin floor can be purchased directly from us because we operate worldwide.

Can I buy a Harlequin floor online?

We don't sell our main Harlequin flooring products online, although you can buy Harlequin dance floor education packs and Harlequin accessory products via The Harlequin Shop.

How is a Harlequin floor delivered?

The transportation used will depend upon your order. If your order is small then it could arrive via a courier service or Royal Mail. If your order is large and/or heavy, then it may arrive in a 7.5 tonne tail-lift lorry, so please bear this in mind and let us know if you think there will be any difficulties.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

If you place your order during working hours, your item(s) are in stock and your payment has been confirmed, then delivery will usually be within two to three working days. Express delivery is available – please contact us for further details.

Is black the only colour that works well with stage lighting?

Black is a popular choice but grey works equally well. It has a special tonal mix of black and white with no pigmentation, so lights like a dream. There is also white (or TV neutral) – a paler, non-pigmented grey, which looks white on colour TV.

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