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PD Devices - Overvoltage / Surge Protection

Overvoltage - Surge Protection - Transient Over-Voltages - MOV - T1SP - DSP - SPM - T3SP1 - SPLB1

We are a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products and custom-designed solutions to protect against damage from lightning and transient overvoltages.

With over 50 years of experience as a UK manufacturer of surge arrester elements, our product range has continuously expanded and we now supply surge protection components, arresters and modules for applications in numerous markets including Rail and Tram Transport, Buildings and Construction, Office and Home Protection, Telecom and Data Networks, Defence and Security.

We believe that we are unique because we:

  • Are the only UK MOV manufacturer & one of a very few in Europe
  • Have our own UK based research & test laboratory
  • Have our own design & manufacturing capabilities
  • Offer customised product design & manufacture at standard product prices
  • Respond speedily & positively to customer needs

We ensure that our product designs, test and manufacturing processes and facilities comply with all relevant International Standards and Qualification Procedures:

  • All our products are RoHS compliant & we are WEEE registered
  • Our design, manufacturing & quality assurance systems meet ISO 9001:2008
  • We supply products to meet National & International Standards & Recognitions including UL, CEE, BS & IEC

T1SP Type 1 (Class II)

Designed for use on the boundary between LPZ 0 and 1, the T1SP range of surge arrestors are a Class I and II protective device available in both single phase and three phase configurations. For use on installations such as commercial/industrial premises, schools, hospitals and anywhere there is a perceived risk from lightning strikes and transient voltages (10/350µs).

DSP Series Type 2 (Class II)

The DSP Series surge arrestors are a robust Class II arrestor (8/20µs) available in single and three phase configurations. The units feature a two stage arrestor that gives your system double the protection of normal “plug in” surge arrestors. This allows identification of the possible lack of protection to be caught early and preparations made for the replacement unit to be installed (all while the system is still protected). Suited to all commercial/industrial projects as well as schools, hospitals, etc.

SPM Series Type 2 (Class II)

Featuring a pluggable surge protection module, the SPM Series of arrestors are ideally suited for most commercial/industrial applications. The pluggable aspect allows the replacement of the modules without having to disconnect cabling. The units are rated at Class II protection levels (8/20µs) and can be configured in various formats to cater for most earthing systems (TNS/TNC). With a DIN rail mount and each module being DIN width, placement of arrestors in consumer units and Type B distribution boards is easily achieved.

T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S Type 3 (Class III)

A Class III surge arrestor that is a flexible solution to protecting individual pieces of equipment. Perfectly suited to protecting ring mains and individual sockets, switch fuse spurs, lighting, fire alarm panels, CCTV cameras, etc. Its small size means that it can be mounted in confined spaces and the audible alarm will indicate if the arrestor needs to be replaced. The T3SP1/1.5/3.0/230S will offer 10m of protection either side of the device it is installed on.

SPLB1/13 Type 3 (Class III)

The ‘Spur Protector’ SPLB1/13 provides an economic means of preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment on individual ring mains from the dangers of transients, which can occur as the result of a nearby lightning strike or surges derived from the switching of inductive or capacitive loads.

Surge Protection

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