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Legrand Electric - Power Distribution

Cast Resin Transformers - Zucchini - Busbar - Electrak Powertrack - Intersoc - Lightrak Lighting Control

Zucchini Cast Resin Transformers

The Green T.HE range fulfils the requirements of the EU regulation 548/2014 for high efficiency dry-type transformers.

Zucchini cast resin transformers are a reliable solution for distribution systems, energy power generation, rectification, traction and other special requirements. The absence of inflammable insulating liquids, the self-extinguishing materials exempt of toxic gas emissions and the low noise levels and electromagnetic emissions all combine to present a responsible solution to environmental protection and public security.

Zucchini SCP Super Compact High Power Busbar

Offering maximum versatility in demanding commercial and industrial environments, SCP busbar is used to transport and distribute high power from 630 to 6300 A and is a popular choice for rising mains.

SCP’s compact dimensions enhance its resistance to short circuit stresses. Voltage drops can be controlled to reduce the impedance of the circuit and enable installation of high power electrical systems in confined spaces.

Zucchini MR Medium Rating Busbar

Available in sizes from 160 A to 1000 A, MR busbar is ideal for power distribution in medium to large installations and for rising mains in commercial buildings. MR is available with aluminium or copper conductors and has a large range of tap-off boxes from 16 to 1000 A, allowing the supply and protection of a wide range of loads using different devices such as fuses, MCBs and MCCBs.

The latest addition to Zucchini's tap-off range is the distribution fuse board tap-off. Plugging directly onto the busbar, it eliminates the need for separate tap-offs and wall mounted fuse boards - providing a space saving solution that meets the demands of high rise residential developments.

Zucchini RCP IP68 Cast Resin Busbar

Ranging from 630 A to 6300 A, RCP is ideal for the distribution of high power energy in external environments. It can be used indoors or outdoors and provides high levels of mechanical strength, chemical resistance, ingress and impact protection, and continuity of service in the case of fire.

Electrak Powertrack, Floor Boxes & Grommets

With minimal parts and push-fit assembly, powertrack is easy to install and minimises disruption as office layouts evolve. Complementing its market leading powertrack system, Electrak offers a wide range of floor boxes, floor access grommets and cleaner’s sockets. All ranges offer a vast selection of power and data solutions, including RCD options.

Electrak Desk Power Systems

The modular under-desk Intersoc-R power system has been designed with speed of installation and flexibility in mind. Modular configuration enables thousands of different combinations to be made.

The on-desk range brings power, data and rapid USB charging to the modern workstation. With clean lines and stylish aluminium and mirror white finish, Intersoc on-desk’s ergonomic design blends in perfectly with contemporary office design schemes.

Electrak Lightrak Lighting Control

Lightrak has the capability of controlling all types of luminaire, from switching high frequency ballasts through analogue and DSI dimming to full DALI control in addressable mode.

Based on the open KNX protocol, a multitude of gateways are available to integrate with Building Management Systems (BMS) and other monitoring and reporting systems.

The system is complemented by Buscom trunking – a unique power and data backbone that incorporates an integral shielded twisted pair communications BUS inside each trunking length.

Power Distribution

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