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Andel - Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection Systems - FLOODLINE - Control Panels - Sensors - BREEAM - Solenoid Valve

Established in 1992, Andel is a global market leader in water, oil and gas leak detection. Andel’s award-winning Floodline hybrid environmental monitoring systems cover all leak detection requirements from single to multiple-zone installations. Andel provides an end-to-end solution, from initial site survey and system design to installation and after sales support for any size project.

Control Panels

  • Floodline 128 Mk2: Hybrid leak detection alarm panel suitable for medium to large projects. Includes battery back-up for mains fail
  • Andel Ranger Sub-panel: Local meterage detection for longer areas up to 1500m, stand-alone or in conjunction with other Floodline panels
  • Multi Zone (4, 6, 12 or 16 zones): Hybrid leak detection alarm panel for small to medium projects. Includes battery back-up for mains fail
  • Leak 1 Mk2: OEM DIN mounted for fitting in A/C units, alarm/monitoring systems, BMS
  • Groundhog Mk2: Self-contained single-zone sensor & sensor that can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • One Zone: Single-zone, low-cost, stand-alone control panel which can accept multiple Floodline sensors
  • All Floodline panels can connect to a BMS that accepts volt-free contacts



  • Multi-8 Cable: Floor voids / drip trays. LSF-0H, 8 cores per length multiple leak & reset, no earthing problems
  • Multi-4 Cable: Absorbent, sensitive sensor for critical areas. Reacts to drips. Suitable for pipe work
  • Andel Ranger Long Line Cable: For longer areas up to 1500m, detects water at any point along its length
  • Single Zone Tape: Absorbent single zone sensor tape
  • Point Sensor: Vertical or horizontal, reacts to water build-up/flood
  • Flexi-Pad: Designed for pipe joints or narrow, inaccessible areas
  • Pipe-In-Pipe: Leak detection in double contained water tanks & pipework
  • Tundish: Overflow alarm sensor designed for tank overflows & cisterns


  • DD Multi-gas Control Panel & Sensor: Detects all commercially used gases as stand alone or part of a larger Floodline system
  • RGD1601: Detects all refrigerant gases as stand alone or part of a larger Floodline system. Available as industrial surface ABS enclosure or flush brushed aluminium plate for standard 2-gang mains cavity box
  • All gas sensors require individual calibration per gas type


  • DP01 Pipe-In-Pipe: Designed with DURAPIPE for use in double containment pipework systems, optical sensor fitting into interstitial gap
  • Andel Ranger Long Line Oil Sensor Cable: For longer areas up to 1500m, detects the presence of oil at any point along its length
  • Oil Sensor: Optical sensor used in oil tank bunds, generator rooms & trenches. Available in vertical or horizontal configuration, multiple re-use, wipe clean & return to use


  • Breeameter® Mains water monitoring for underground pipe leaks & water usage in line with defined standards BREEAM WAT02 & WAT03
  • Controller plus 2no flow meters


  • Solenoid 1-8 Way Valve Control Panel: Dedicated solenoid valve/s control panel to turn off water supply if leak detected preventing greater damage
  • Auto Dialler: Sends voicemail or SMS message, good for remote, unmanned or rarely visited sites/areas
  • Remote Alarm: Provides secondary audio/visual warning of leak
  • Humidity/Temperature Sensors: Stand alone or part of a Floodline system

Leak Detection

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Leak Detection Systems Leak Detection Systems Leak Detection Systems

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