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Advanced - Large Projects & Bespoke Solutions

Modular Enclosures - Bespoke Acoustic Solutions - Diesel Generators

Modular Enclosures & Bespoke Acoustic Solutions

For over 20 years, Advanced Diesel Engineering has supplied diesel generators for standby and prime power operation. From design and manufacture to installation and commissioning, Advanced provides generators for a wide range of applications including prison security, hospital emergency power and data centre standby systems.

Operating from our factory near Wakefield, we employ a large team of highly skilled 2D and 3D design engineers who utilise a combination of traditional CAD methods and the latest 3D CAD technology, with the aid of DSS Solidworks™.

Large Projects

Specialising in large projects, we design and manufacture modular substations and bespoke power plants for the most demanding and power-critical applications.

An Advanced substation or power plant protecting the mains supply would typically include:

Engine & Alternator (Generator)

High power, EU or GB manufactured, diesel or gas generator from our substantial stock or purchased to order from our well established network of suppliers.

HV Transformer & Mains Integration

Commonly an 11kV oil or resin filled transformer with a local switch disconnector would be utilised to convert the mains supply to 400V.

Connected to the mains/generator change over panel, this supply is monitored for inconsistency or failure and when required, the standby generator will start automatically.

Control & Monitoring

Alarms and warnings include output rating, engine temperature, engine overspeed, common shutdown and oil status.

Optional features for remote operation and monitoring can include SMS text warnings and procedural text messages reporting the current system status. All these features can be integrated with most existing building management systems.

Free-Standing Distribution Panels

Situated over pre-installed cable trenches, the outgoing fused panels distribute the generator-protected mains power to site facilities.

Bulk Fuel Storage

A localised fuel supply, typically designed to allow at least 72 hours uninterrupted operation.

Bespoke Silencing / Acoustic Modular Buildings

Reliability of power is the most important factor in power generation; however, the maximum noise level is a very important consideration during any generator installation.

For many years, Advanced has specialised in the design and manufacture of silenced and weatherproof containment for generators, pump systems, rotary converters and other noisy machinery.

If you require an acoustic solution for noisy machinery, Advanced can design, manufacture, install and maintain a weatherproof and secure enclosure.

Advanced enclosures are designed to provide noise attenuation adhering to all relevant noise pollution regulations at the site of installation.


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