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Piller UK - UNIBLOCK Rotary UPS

UNIBLOCK™ - POWERBRIDGE™ - UPS - Rotary - DRUPS - DeRUPS - Energy Storage



Piller is the undisputed world leader in the supply of rotary high-performance UPS and power conditioning products, providing peace of mind protection of mission-critical operations to some of the leading names in the financial, broadcasting, data centre, industrial and aviation sectors.

Piller’s rotary offering, the UNIBLOCK™, provides high efficiency, greater than 20-year service life and ease of maintenance, resulting in the lowest overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), such that our solutions are equally suitable for smaller installations where reliability is paramount.

Whilst Piller and Active Power have supplied multiple 20-40MW data centres for Colocation and IT hosting, the market-leading capacity and dynamic performance of our POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy store also makes our products extremely suitable for critical process manufacturing and applications where grid stability and frequency control is of vital importance.

Rotary Product Offerings

Piller’s rotary UPS solutions are built around the renowned UNIBLOCK™ system, delivering outputs from 150 kVA to 50 MVA in both independent and diesel-based configurations with a range of energy storage options. The latest evolution, the UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ offers over 97% efficiency, the highest levels of reliability and versatility, making it ideal for new and existing installations utilising RUPS, DRUPS and DeRUPS™ topologies.

Piller also offers the POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy storage system, a vertically-mounted flywheel which is electrically connected to the UNIBLOCK™, providing the longest ride-through times available in the industry today. This feature ensures assured handover to back-up generation assets and significantly minimises the number of diesel engine starts when deployed in a DRUPS or DeRUPS™ configuration.

The unique operation of the POWERBRIDGE™ also ensures a dynamic performance which is unparalleled in terms of ensuring frequency stability for systems with fluctuating load profiles or gas generators with less responsive regulations.

Rotary Product Range

  • UBT+   560 kW to 2,700 kW RUPS
  • UBTD+ 560 kW to 2,700 kW DRUPS/DeRUPS™
  • UBR     150 kVA to 1,300 kVA Hybrid RUPS

Energy Storage Options

  • Battery (typically 5-20 minutes)
  • POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy storage (up to 55 MWSecs)
  • Wide choice of Diesel Engine (in either DRUPS or DeRUPS™ configuration)

Innovative Solutions

  • DeRUPS™ Systems
  • Isolated Parallel (IP) Bus

Why Piller Rotary UPS Technology

  • Reliability levels are several times higher than those of static UPS
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • No capacitors or fans, so ‘fit & forget’ technology
  • Wide range of energy storage options (battery or electrically-coupled POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy store)
  • Ensures effective downstream discrimination in all modes of operation
  • POWERBRIDGE™ offers the best available ride-through & recharge times in the market
  • Maintenance when needed is entirely in-situ with no factory returns required
  • Small footprint providing high power densities & innovative configurations (e.g. IP-Bus)
  • Diesel options can be directly coupled (DRUPS) or electrically connected (DeRUPS™)
  • Highest quality after-sales support delivered through an extensive & highly-qualified service team
  • Systems available at both low & medium voltage
  • Containerised & water-cooled solutions offered

Enhanced Operational Efficiencies

Piller’s UPS offering is truly best in class with a number of UBT+/UBTD+ rotary and Active Power products being eligible under the UK Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme, which rewards the adoption of high-efficiency technology through accelerated capital allowances.

In addition, Piller’s in-built Power Economy Management™ feature significantly increases the efficiency of an overall UPS system by reducing operational losses where load levels are cyclical or difficult to predict.

Rotary UPS

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