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ABB Power Quality - Active Harmonic Filters

Active Harmonic Filters - Power Factor Correction - ABB Power Quality

Battery Energy Storage

Today’s operators of commercial buildings and industrial facilities are able to play a greater role than ever in the energy market – and this has created the conditions for site owners to use smart energy consumption, generation and management of energy as revenue streams in their own right. In addition, utilities need ever-more sophisticated power quality solutions in response to issues that arise from harmonics, variable power factor and imbalanced network loading.

The latest generation of energy storage inverters can help the operator to achieve this. They provide a complete package that combines control of energy storage with power quality management solutions such as filtering harmonics, reactive power compensation and load balancing.

The right inverter means that energy storage can:

  • support the integration of renewables by providing spinning reserve and power quality
  • provide load levelling in imbalanced networks, as well as frequency response and capacity firming
  • support conventional thermal generation with both spinning reserve and power quality
  • help industrial, commercial and transport operators to maintain high levels of availability through back-up power, peak shaving and power quality support

PQstorI Energy Storage Inverter

Launched in late 2018, the ABB PQstorI is a state-of-the-art energy storage inverter that is designed to meet the requirements of system integrators and various other entities who provide value added services in the field of energy storage. It can unlock behind the meter applications such as peak shaving, back-up power and power quality, as well as utility-scale applications such as load levelling, frequency response, capacity firming and integration of renewables. It is flexible, modular and offers higher efficiency for energy storage applications than bi-directional inverters.

Modular, compact and efficient:

  • Power ratings for PQstorI range from 30kW to 1600 kW
  • Available in a wall-mounted or standalone cabinet or as a shelf module to integrate into a panel
  • Its three level inverter allows a compact design that fits all your needs while optimising space requirements
  • Best-in-class energy efficient design for very low losses
  • Segregated cooling with dedicated cooling fans for reactors and controllers

Flexible and easy to install:

  • PQstorI is compatible with most of the third party controllers that communicate over MODBUS protocol
  • It provides flexibility to the system integrators because of its easy mounting and connection features
  • ABB also offers own PLC based controller which can be used for behind the meter applications
  • Low-noise/silent wall-mount option operates at less than 65 kBA, perfect for commercial buildings

Packed with power quality features:

  • Filtering of harmonics from the 2nd to the 13th order, with response time of less than two network cycles
  • Programmable to deliver reactive power compensation from 0.6 (inductive) to 0.6 (capacitive)
  • Load balancing compensation of up to 30 percent of nominal power
  • These features put the PQstorI in a class ahead of its competitors

Enhanced communication features:

  • Wi-Fi enabled modules allow users to monitor and set parameters via smartphone or computer
  • The optional 7-inch user-friendly HMI interface offers direct access to the equipment controls for parameter setting and system monitoring

Multi-Functional Power Quality Products

The PQstorI is part of a family of multi-functional power quality and energy storage products that are designed to mitigate power quality problems on electrical networks.

Modern electrical networks continue to grow in complexity due to significant investments in wind and solar energy. Additionally, large data centres, electric vehicles charging and high-speed railways are growing as energy consumers. This diversity of both sources and demand presents challenges for producers and consumers of electricity to maintain grid stability along with network power quality.

Conventional solutions based on passive technologies, such as capacitor banks and tuned harmonic filters, provide a fixed amount of compensation, or filtering of harmonics or “electrical pollution”. However, to be able to manage the complex requirements of an ever-evolving grid, more agile “active” technologies are needed.

Active technologies based on power electronics, enables variable, fast, smooth and accurate compensation for power quality problems, such as varying power factor, multiple order of harmonics and unbalanced loading. Products that employ active technology are more compact in size, making them ideal for applications where space is scarce or costly.

ABB’s PQ portfolio comprises five solutions:

PQflexC - variable reactive power controller; PQdynaC - ultra-fast reactive power and unbalance controller; PQactiF - active harmonic filter; and PQStorI - battery storage inverter with power quality functions.

Finally, PQoptiM controls and monitors power quality parameters.

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