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Power Capacitors - Power Quality / Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction - Commercial Benefits - Power Quality - Active Filters - Surge Suppression - Capacitor Sizing

Power Factor Correction - Definition

The Power Factor of a load is defined as the ratio of active power to total demand i.e. kW divided by kVA. In layman’s terms, Power Factor is the percentage of the burden on the supply which is doing real, useful work. Power Factor Correction (PFC) is the application of properly designed, manufactured and installed equipment which will compensate for the ‘useless’ yet essential part of the demand on the supply, leaving only ‘useful’ power to be drawn from the mains.

The nearer Power Factor is to unity, the less reactive power is drawn from the supply, the lower the demand, and the greater the overall efficiency.

Commercial Benefits

  • Reactive Power charge is avoided
  • Chargeable Demand is reduced
  • System Losses are reduced

Technical Benefits

  • Power Quality is improved
  • Supply Burden is reduced
  • Network Reliability is increased
  • Harmonic Distortion can be reduced

Environmental Benefits

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • ISO14001 accreditation support
  • Part ‘L’ Building Regs compliance

Active Harmonic Filters

Power Capacitors can offer Active Harmonic Filter solutions for all requirements. Active Filter systems start at 50A and are available up to 600A in standard designs. Response times as low as 100us, instantaneous reactive power compensation, and lowest in-class losses offer performance benefits.

When considering an Active Harmonic Filter system, consideration must be given to:

  • · Harmonic Mitigation requirement
  • · Reactive Power requirement
  • · Response Time requirement
  • · Single or Multiple Harmonic polluting sources
  • · Operation on Mains alone, or on Mains & Generator
  • · Free-Standing Cubicle or Integral to Switchboard
  • · Nature of the polluting load:

    - 3-phase loads – 3-wire filter is required

    - 1-phase loads – 4-wire filter is required

  • Reference Current Transformers:

    - Rating & Accuracy Class

    - Location

    - Summation of Mains & Generator C.T. Signals may be required

Medium Voltage Active Harmonic Filters

Power Capacitors can offer Active Harmonic Filter solutions from 3.3kV to 33kV in standard designs, 132kV is available on request. Containerised systems including Filter Transformers and Active Cooling Systems are popular, offering flexible and simplified installation.

HPQ Systems - Hybrid Power Quality

HPQ systems combine the features and functionality of Active Harmonic Filter systems with conventional Power Factor Correction systems. The capability to mitigate harmonic currents whilst simultaneously and instantaneously correcting the Power Factor offers many advantages over having separate systems for each function. Ratings are available on request to suit all applications.

UPQ Systems - Uninterrupted Power Quality

UPQ systems offer the performance of an Active Harmonic Filter system when mains is present, but when mains is lost, the UPQ system takes <2ms to switch to its Backup Power function. This enables critical and sensitive loads to be supported continuously, regardless of the quality or presence of incoming mains

Performance benefits over conventional Filter and UPS systems include:

  • Lowest Operating Losses when compared to Static & Rotary UPS systems (Shunt operation until needed)
  • Backup Power times ranging from 2 seconds to several hours, according to the choice of UltraCapacitors, LTO or Li-Ion batteries as storage
  • Standard ratings from 50kW to 3MW
  • No requirement to mitigate for harmonic distortion from a Static UPS
  • Typical 15 year lifetime before components replacement is required
  • Overcurrent capability supports DOL motor starting & fuse discrimination

ESS - Energy Storage Systems

Available in standard, scaleable ratings from 100kW to 8.4MW and above, for connection to supplies from 415V to 33kV and higher, Energy Storage Systems include the functionality of Active Harmonic Filter systems, in addition to Energy Storage. Used in conjunction with embedded renewables generation, they can maximise revenue whilst simultaneously minimising energy costs. Standard Functionality includes:

  • Frequency Support (Revenue Generating)
  • Peak Shaving (Cost Reduction)
  • Renewables Energy Storage (Revenue Maximisation)
  • Active Harmonic Filtration
  • Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation (Network Support, Revenue Generating & Cost Reduction)
  • Load Balancing
  • Voltage Flicker mitigation
  • Power Limiting (Network Support, Cost Reduction)
  • Intermittent Resource Support
  • MicroGrid Support
  • Black Start Functionality

Power Storage ratings and Load Support times vary from 2 seconds to several hours, according to the choice of UltraCapacitors, LTO or Li-Ion batteries as the storage medium.

Technical Support

Whether you need a quick telephone consultation or a full set of surveys and specifications, we are always willing to support customers, old and new. As undisputed experts in the field of Power Quality, we relish the challenge and are always comfortable in sharing our wealth of expertise. Contact us to arrange one of our recognised CPD sessions on Power Factor Correction and Active Filters/Power Quality.

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Power Factor Correction

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