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Andel - Leak Detection - System Design Guide

FLOODLINE - Refrigerant Gas Sensor - Detection Cables - Leak Detection


The Andel “FLOODLINE” range covers all possible requirements, from stand-alone single zone modules and units for the smaller installation, to comprehensive multi-zone systems.

With the capacity to handle the largest building offering outstanding flexibility, with a range of equipment and sensors to tailor each installation to the client's exact needs.

Sensor Selection:

Choosing the best sensor to suit the application and the areas to be monitored:

Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable

Within raised floor voids in data centres, comms/server/IT rooms, tea points and vending areas, drip trays, A/C units and underfloor pipework.

Multi-4 Zone Detection Cable:

Attach along the full length of high level pipework especially above critical/sensitive areas.

Point Sensor:

Plant rooms, tank rooms, trenches, small drip trays, base of lift shafts, toilets and showers.


Pipe joints and junctions, plumbed in water coolers and inaccessible areas.

Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor:

Double containment water pipework and tanks and high level alarm.

DP01 Double Containment Sensor:

Double containment oil/diesel pipework and tanks, either along full length or at lowest point.

Oil Sensor:

Bunded oil storage tanks, generator rooms and oil pipework trenches.

FGS1000 Refrigerant Gas Sensor:

Office areas served by VRF/VRV units, in chiller plant rooms, along refrigerant gas pipework routes.

System Layout:

Choosing the best design for optimum coverage with the most suitable sensor:


Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable in the raised floor void attached to the floor slab approx. 500mm in from the wall.

Whole Floor Area:

Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable in the raised floor void across the whole floor space at 2m centres.

A/C Units/Downflow Units

Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable either around the ‘footprint’ of the unit or ‘zig-zagged’ directly beneath.

Low Level Pipework in Floor Void:

Install Multi-8 Zone Detection Cable beneath the pipework within the floor void in a ‘serpentine’ pattern along the full pipe length.

High Level Pipework:

Attach Absorbent Multi-4 Zone Detection Cable to the underside of the whole pipe length outside any lagging.

Plant Room:

Install Point Sensors either at equidistant positions around the room or targeted at specific items of equipment e.g. Pump Sets, Water Tanks, etc.

Double Containment Pipework:

Install DP01 Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor at equidistant positions along the full pipe lengths – usually 10-15m apart or at the lowest point if the pipework runs to a fall.

Refrigerant Gas

Within offices, install at mid level (approximately 1m from floor), preferably adjacent/near to VRF units. For Chiller Rooms, etc install every 6m³ across the whole area.

Control Panel Selection:


Up to 20m of Detection Cable in the raised floor void of one room, within a short length of drip tray, 1 - 3no Point / Oil Sensors, usually within the same room or 1no FGS1000 Ref. Gas Sensor.
- Floodline One Zone Control Panel - Volt free outputs for ‘LEAK’ and ‘SYSTEM’ fault.


20 - 300m of Detection Cable either within a single or multiple rooms, several A/C Units or separate Drip Trays and combination of between 5 - 50no Point / Oil Sensors in large Plant / Generator Rooms and 4 - 20no FGS1000 Ref. Gas Sensors, etc.
- Floodline 4 - 32 Zone Control Panels - Volt free outputs for ‘LEAK’ and ‘SYSTEM’ fault and individual zone output relays available.


Over 300m of Detection Cable either within a large area (data centre) or across many smaller room (server & comms rooms) and / or combination of Point / Oil / Ref. Gas Sensors.
- Floodline 128 System – 32 / 64 / 96 / 128no Zones – Volt free outputs for ‘LEAK’ and ‘SYSTEM’ fault, RS232 / 485 + MODBUS and individual zone output relays available.


Various options for connecting components, installing the Floodline sensors and control panels and adapting the system for each individual site:

Zone Couplers:

Start / Auto / End of Line – Using RJ48 connectors for ease of installation by simple ‘plug & play’ connectivity.

Junction Boxes:

For use with Multi–4 Zone Cable to connect from panel to the first zone and then between each concurrent or separate zone.

Leader Cable:

Full LSF – 0H interconnecting cable for use from the control panel to each individual or set of zones.

Remote Panel:

Provides audible and visual alarm at a secondary position i.e. at a reception desk or security office.

Caution Tags:

Usually fitted every 1 – 2m along clearly identifying detection cable.


Self–adhesive 6.3mm clips, or drilled & plugged ‘P’ clips usually installed every metre and every change of direction along the full length of the detection cable.

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