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ABB offers a large range of very different mono- and multlayer conduit types which fulfill high technical demands.

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The ABB FIA Formula E Championship brings together 2 pioneers at the forefront of electrification and digital technologies. ABB has become the title sponsor of the world’s first fully electric, international FIA motorsport series.
PMA's cable protection solutions protect against mechanical and other environmental factors, an important function in sectors with strict requirements on hygiene such as the food and beverage industry.
Solar Impulse has now completed its historic flight around the world without using a drop of fuel – helped on the way by ABB, including a series of engineers embedded in the ground crew. It's been an incredible journey with ABB staff, projects and customers getting involved at every stop.
As Switzerland officially opens the world’s longest railway tunnel to the public on 4th June, ABB has inaugurated a special pavilion at the tunnel’s north portal to highlight ABB's contribution to what is being described as the “project of the century”.
For safety and efficiency in robotic and automation applications..
Rodents and their Squirrel cousins can cause so much cable damage to the railway networks across Europe. PMA thoroughly test their products to ensure that damage from any animal is not going to be the cause of any network delays where they are installed.

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