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Close Control / Data Centre AC - Mechanical

CAREL’s range of humiSteam, humiFog and OEM kits are still favoured choices for data centres owing to their low cost and control precision.

Refrigerant Detection - Mechanical

CAREL’s DryClim, a mobile humidifier, works via a refrigeration cycle, using the ecological refrigerant R134A.

Dry Coolers - Mechanical

CAREL’s ChillBooster is an adiabatic air cooling system for use on chillers & drycoolers, for all air-conditioning & refrigeration applications.

BMS / Controls - Mechanical

CAREL’s renowned PLC air conditioning controls are used by over 80% of close control air conditioning OEM’s in the UK.

Inverter Drives / Control - Mechanical

CAREL’s humiFog has a sophisticated inverter & independent stage control which provide a wide modulation range & precise control.

Valves / Flow Control - Mechanical

CAREL supplies flow switches to control the flow of air or non-aggressive gases inside distribution ducts in air-conditioning or air handling systems.

Actuators / Controllers - Mechanical

CAREL's ‘Easy Cool & Freeze’ controller comes with a specific instruction sheet describing probe and actuator connections.

Smoke / Fire Dampers - Mechanical

CAREL’s smoke and fire detectors are electronic devices that measure sudden and dangerous rises in temperature or increases in the presence of smoke.

Commissioning Consultants - Mechanical

CAREL’s commissioning engineers will test and calibrate the system ensuring that the humidifier operates as per specifications.

Energy Management - Mechanical

CAREL has developed a new control solution to improve energy efficiency in the food and retail market to reduce the environmental impact.

HVAC Maintenance - Mechanical

CAREL UK offers maintenance and servicing works for the complete range of Isothermal & Adiabatic humidifiers.

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