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Halton Foodservice - Company History

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Foundation of the company: 1969-1979

Since the very beginning Seppo Halttunen, the founder of Halton group, had a vision of an international corporation with its own products, R&D, manufacturing and good reputation among customers.

"Customer is King" thinking has always been the corner stone of Halton's strategy. The challenges of the first decade were to make newly founded company profitable and organization working towards the vision.

The shop furnishings division guaranteed continuous business, although the future was seen to be in indoor climate business. From the very beginning, Halton invested heavily in research and development. The turnover of the company increased, in a controlled and profitable manner, on average by thirty per cent a year throughout the decade.

International growth and focus on R&D: 1979-1989

The shop furnishings operation in North America continued profitable growth. However, in Finland opportunities were seen in new technologies and in recycling business. For these reasons the domestic shop furnishings operations were sold in 1985. A new business area, recycling equipment, emerged in 1982.

Sales offices were established in Sweden and USA in 1982, Norway in 1984, Holland in 1985, UK in 1987, Denmark in 1988. The year 1989 was a year of great expansion.

At the end of the decade, the company received numerous awards, among these the Export Prize awarded by the President of Finland in 1988. Mr Seppo Halttunen became one of the most respected business leaders in the small and medium-sized industry sector in Finland.

Focus on indoor climate: 1989-2000

The rapid internationalization continued. In 1991 it was time for Belgium and in 1992 a sales company for indoor climate products was established in Germany.

The year 1993 marked the beginning of a new era in Halton. The first major transfer of technology took place in co-operation with a Japanese partner, the Sanbec Corporation, who became the licensee of Halton's kitchen ventilation technology.

In 1992 Halton's operations were divided in two independent clearly defined business divisions; Recycling & Shop Furnishing and Indoor Climate. The recycling division was sold and the shop furnishings division formed a group on its own in 1998.


Halton business units in Finland were awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certificate in 2001. The certificate covers all Halton's operations in Finland. The environmental certification is in addition to the ISO 9000- Quality Certification given to Halton already a decade ago.

In 2005 Halton acquired Vent Master Europe Ltd, UK and the Canadian and US business operations of Vent Master specialising in commercial kitchen ventilation and air purification technologies. The purchase strengthened the international market position of Halton and enhanced its expertise as indoor climate solutions supplier for foodservice facilities. Great Britain and North America became Halton Group's largest individual markets.

Halton Foodservice Ltd
11 Laker Road
Airport Industrial Estate

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