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Andel - Company History

Andel Ltd History

Founded in 1992, Andel Ltd has steadily built on the work of our leading experts in the design, development and application of specialised leak detection and environmental protection systems. We have a twenty year history of cutting-edge R&D; the understanding that only comes from listening to our customers; practical, hands-on involvement and a common sense, cost-effective approach.

The Andel promise is “total environment protection" to ensure our customers: protect valuable assets and services, comply with ever changing rafts of legislation and safeguard the built and natural environments. While Andel’s core, capability, philosophy and quality guarantee applies across the board, specific sectors require specific expertise and we deliver this through three dedicated divisions:

Andel-Floodline – tried, tested and trusted range of water, refrigerant gas and oil leak detection systems set the international benchmark for reliability, durability, effectiveness and value. Installed in vitally important and sensitive areas Floodline sensors give an immediate warning of unexpected leaks likely to cause asset damage, service disruption, system failure or major loss. Floodline is made in the UK and shipped around the globe. The world’s biggest names rely on us for advice, help with scheme design, product selection, installation, maintenance and a range monitoring and alarm integration options.

Floodline is the choice of the smallest, the biggest and the best – a local Scout Hut, Google or the UK Royal Household - and most customers come back again and again. No other supplier can match Andel for total commitment to quality, reliability, effectiveness, service and value.

Andel-PPL – starting life as “Pollution Prevention Ltd” as our response to pleas for “the Andel touch” from customers struggling with rapidly evolving environmental legislation we soon integrated it as a core Andel service but the name “PPL” stuck and it’s a good one! Around the world incessant rafts of legislation raise the environmental stakes for nearly everything we do. In the UK laws like the Groundwater and Oil Storage Regs made causing pollution and now even non-compliance, into criminal offences. Serious stuff so all operators are right to be worried and need to understand their obligations, their problems and the solutions – this is where Andel-PPL comes in.

The scope is broad; “POL” – handling, on-site distribution and use of petrol, oil and lubricants; oil/water separation; “Diesel Bug” testing and treatment; tank testing, removal and installation; automatic pumps, level controls and alarms; hazardous liquids storage (even milk!); drains and interceptors; water harvesting and recycling; bunds, berms and secondary containment; environmental management; emergency spill response; flood attenuation and prevention and on – and on...

The customers:
air, rail, bus, truck and marine operators national and local government; health, education, police, fire, rescue and military services; water, gas, electricity and communications; fuel storage and distribution services – even banks, retailers and charities.

Andel-IWS – Interceptor Waste Services. This is a sector where a professional, reliable, effective and trustworthy operator can make a big difference. The unique, high-tech service offered by Andel – IWS reduces cost by reducing waste and ensures that all types of interceptors (or separators) are safe, sound and working properly.

Our experienced staff have detailed and practical knowledge of all separator systems so customers can rely on us for reliable information, guidance and the knowledge that if we do it – its done properly. Andel-IWS inspect, service, empty, clean and even supply and install all types of interceptors and all types of alarm and monitoring systems.

Upper Cliffe Road
Dodworth Business Park South

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