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ABB Power Quality - History Timeline

ABB is the product of many mergers & acquisitions, but primarily the 1988 coming together of ASEA of Sweden and Switzerland's BBC, formerly known as Brown Boveri, two of the proudest and best known names in European electrical engineering history. In subsequent years, the combined business was streamlined to focus on today's priorities of power and automation.

2012 - ABB successfully designed and developed a hybrid DC breaker suitable for the creation of large inter-regional DC grids, with the breakthrough solving a technical challenge that had been left unresolved for over a hundred years and was perhaps one of the main influencers in the 'war of currents'.

2010 - ABB links the Xiangjiaba hydropower plant in southwest China to Shanghai about 2,000 km (kilometers) away with an UHVDC (ultrahigh-voltage direct current) connection with a capacity of ±800 kV (kilovolt) and 7,200 MW (megawatt) of power.

2008 - The longest submarine HVDC cable in the world, NorNed, links Norway and the Netherlands' power networks.

2005 - ABB delivers electricity through a direct current link from land to a gas platform in the North Sea eliminating annual emissions of 230,000 tons of CO2 and 230 tons of NOX.

2004 - An Extended Automation System is launched and installed at thousands of medium to large process plants in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Mining and Life Sciences industries delivering continuous productivity improvements.

2002 - The AC networks of South Australia and Victoria are linked with the world’s longest underground transmission, and Conneticut and Long Island are linked with the world’s first extruded HVDC submarine transmission.

2000 - ABB delivers world’s first commercial high-voltage shore-to-ship electric power, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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