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Purus - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How often do I need to clean a floor drain?

The floor drain should be cleaned regularly for it to work effectively. The appropriate cleaning interval will depend on how often the floor drain is used and how dirty the water is. A clear sign that cleaning is needed is when the water begins to drain less effectively and rapidly.

2. Can I clean a floor drain myself?

Certainly, all Purus floor drains have removable water trap units that are easy to clean. Be careful with tools and do not move the clamp rings from their position.

3. What should I do to avoid problems with my plumbing system?

You should make regular checks on all water traps, ensuring that they are clear of all hair and soap residue.

4. What should I do about a blocked drain?

Blockage in a floor drain may be caused by the build up of hair in the water trap. Simply remove the water trap, rinse it and wash it. Replace the floor drain and fill it with water. If you have any difficulties refitting the water trap lubricate the o-rings with a little detergent. If the system still drains poorly, the block is probably somewhere else in the drain system in which case you will need to contact a plumber.

5. What should I do about strange smells coming from the floor drain?

Make sure there is water in the water trap. If the floor drain has not been cleaned for a while, soap residue and the like may cause a bad smell. Clean the floor drain with bactericidal liquid (such as dishwasher liquid) and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Tip: run cold water through the drain for about five seconds after every shower. This cleans the water trap and reduces the temperature.

6. Why does the drain in our holiday home always smell bad?

It is likely that the water in the water trap has dried out. If it is a PURUS floor drain from 1991 or later, you can replace it with the NOOD water trap unit. NOOD is an odour trap that will not smell even if it dries out.

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