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Mitsubishi Electric - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VRF?

Variable Refrigerant Flow.

What does an inverter do?

It varies the compressor speed in order to match the system heating/cooling requirement.

Why do we need an inverter?

To act an energy efficient capacity controller.

How is the inverter controlled?

Via a series of signals that are reported throughout the system i.e. room temperature requirement, refrigerant pressures and temperatures.

What refrigerants does Mitsubishi Electric use?

R410A is by far the most common, used for its high efficiency, zero ozone depleting potential and zero toxicity. R134A is also used in our high temperature water heating product, PWFY BU.

Why these particular ones?

They've been chosen by our industry as the most acceptable for use with commercial air conditioning equipment. The actual refrigerant depends on usage, capacity and age of the equipment.

Which refrigerants have been used historically in air conditioning?

R22 - R22 an HCFC, was used an efficient substance to replace earlier CFC refrigerants, but is now being phased out. For more information go to legislation, R22 phase out.

R407C - R407C an HFC, adopted as R22 was being phased out due to ozone depleting potential. This was an interim refrigerant before another suitable refrigerant was found.

R410A - R410A is another HFC, but has higher pressure and temperature than R407C and is common on air conditioning today.

What is ODP?

ODP stands for Ozone Depleting Potential. This indicates the amount of potential damage if released to the atmosphere. Originating from scientists concerns that the hole in the ozone layer was contributing to global warming.

What is the ODP of R22?


What is the ODP of R410A?


What is an HFC?

HFC is a HydroFluroCarbon, practically non-toxic and non-flammable. It has a good energy performance and zero ODP. Specifically developed to replace HCFC's such as R22.

What is an HC?

An HC is a HydroCarbon such as propane or isobutance could be considered an ideal replacement for air conditioning applications. As with all HydroCarbons, it has zero ODP, but is potentially explosive and is therefore only sold to trained operators.

What are working pressures?

Refrigerant types have different working pressures. R410A for example, has pressures approximately 1.6 times that of R407c.

Where are the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products manufactured?

  • M Series: MCP, Thailand;
  • Mr Slim: Shizouka, Japan and Livingston, Scotland;
  • City Multi: Wakayama, Japan;
  • Lossnay: Nakatsagawa, Japan

What’s the connection between Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries?

There is no direct connection. Both were founded as separate Mitsubishi companies, Mitsubishi Electric in 1921 and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries later in 1934

What businesses are Mitsubishi Electric involved in the UK?

Air Conditioning, Factory Automation, Semi Conductors, Telecoms, Visual Information Systems (projectors and TFT screens in association with NEC).

What is the Green Gateway?

Green Gateway is our response to the environmental challenge and lays out the guiding principles on ‘the way we do business’. It is also an invite to other like-minded organisations to work with us to make our industries fit for purpose for the future.

What air conditioning products are available in heating only?

The M Series, Mr Slim and City Multi ranges are available with their cooling function disabled.

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