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Marshall-Tufflex - Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the drop down links below to read a frequently asked questions relating to Marshall Tufflex cable and energy management systems:

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Is it possible to bend trunking, so that it can be fitted to a curved surface?

Some profiles can be supplied pre curved, please enquire.

Why is Conductive Spray Coating described as ‘not suitable for low voltage circuits’?

Conductive Spray Coating should not be used in any trunking compartment which is to carry mains cables, as the coating could become live if an exposed live conductor touches the coating.

Why is a Flat Tee not shown for some types of trunking such as Profile 2?

Tees are not always manufactured in profiles having one angled cover and one square cover, though there are some exceptions. For example It is possible to achieve a tee in this situation by changing the Top or bottom cover so that it has both covers to match the profile of the trunking which will allow use of a tee for an alternative profile, for example to obtain a tee for Sterling profile 2 use either a profile1 (EFT1) or Profile 3 (EFT3). If the tee is up select EFT1, remove the angled bottom cover and replace with square cover. If the tee is down select EFT3, remove the square top cover and replace with angled cover.

Is it possible to fit twin mains-socket plates in adjacent compartments In the four-compartment
raised floor box?

In order to fit a fourth compartment into the same overall size as a three-compartment box, the width of each compartment has been reduced to a minimum. The mains leads from the plugs in the first pair of sockets will very likely foul the plugs in the second pair of sockets, this is overcome by using a double-width UP451D or UP453D plate. This has its second pair of outlets rotated and offset to one side, which overcomes the problem.

Is the lid trim assembly available separately for series 507 floor boxes?

For the current type (wire handle), part No. is URLA2. For the discontinued URF3 box with plastic handle, the part number is URLA.

What are the restrictions on use of unfused 32A tap-offs with Series 507 Powertrack?

Paragraph 434.2.1 of the Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008) States “the part of the conductor between the point of reduction of cross sectional area or other change and the position of the protective device shall: not exceed 3 metres in length”. Therefore if a 5m tap-off is to be used, then either the tap-off must be fused, otherwise the entire run of Power track must be fused at 32A.

Is it possible to manufacture special non standard products for example trunking angles
less or greater than 90 degrees?

Trunking angles can be manufactured to order to any angle required. we can prefabricate any of our products to customers specification, please contact our technical helpline for further information.

What sort of accessory box will fit all of the Sterling range of trunking.


If I have a question about my discount, who should I contact?

Your local sales representative should be able to help, please see our Locate a Rep page for assistance.

How long is your standard and series II power poles?

3.6metres long.

How long is your standard and series II power posts?

685mm long.

How many boxes are in the standard power pole/post packing?

6 boxes in each.

Can I use more than 6 boxes in a standard power post?

Using ESSB1 and ES1 spacer together you can get 10 boxes per linear metre per side.

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