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Mitsubishi Electric - Literature

Click on the links below to view literature / catalogues / brochures:

Hybrid VRF 2016

Hybrid VRF Systems

Hybrid VRF is the latest addition to our City Multi family (our VRF range of air conditioning units for large scale applications).

Ecodan Heating

Ecodan Heating

New brochure focusing on the market-leading range of Ecodan renewable heating systems and highlighting how individual businesses and premise owners can benefit.

Hybrid Heating Systems

Hybrid Heating Systems

Our hybrid Ecodan heating systems deliver efficient, renewable heating in tandem with a traditional boiler.

Heating for commercial applications brochure

Heating - For Commercial Applications

Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan heat pumps provide renewable heating, challenging traditional heating solutions, whilst meeting the energy and carbon reduction demands of today and beyond.

Heating for domestic applications brochure

Heating - For Domestic Applications

Mitsubishi Electric has specifically designed the Ecodan range for UK homes. Ecodan air source heat pumps provide renewable energy to challenge traditional heating methods.

HVRF City Multi Air Conditioning brochure

HVRF City Multi Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi's unique HVRF (Hybrid VRF) system is the modern alternative to traditional methods of heating & cooling, offering simultaneous heating & cooling with heat recovery.

Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation brochure

Lossnay Fresh Air Ventilation

Mitsubishi Electric range of Lossnay mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) systems are designed to supply fresh air into any building whilst simultaneously extracting stale air.

Central Plant Solutions

Central Plant Solutions

This brochure will guide you through the range of products Mitsubishi Electric offer that provide innovative, carbon efficient solutions for commercial buildings.

The Case For Replace brochure

The Case For Replace

We are all under increased pressure to improve energy efficiency. Replacing old R22 air conditioning systems can make a world of difference.

Product Catalogues

2011 Product Catalogue

2011 Product Catalogue

Known the world over, Mitsubishi is a trusted global leader associated with a variety of products and services, and is at the forefront of the air conditioning industry.

2009 Product Catalogue

2009 Product Catalogue

Unsurpassed air conditioning from Mitsubishi Electric - Air conditioning is an ideal way of controlling the internal environment of any building, large or small.

2008 Product Catalogue

2008 Product Catalogue

Mitsubishi Electric boasts an explicit commitment to sustainable business practices such as energy and resource efficiency, minimising ecological impacts of our products.

CPD Guides

F-Gas Regulations

Working with the F-Gas Regulations

A guide to help installers, specifiers, owners and users of air conditioning equipment to understand how the F-Gas Regulations will affect them.

Metering & Monitoring for Domestic RHI

Metering & Monitoring for the Domestic RHI

RHI offers an excellent incentive to switch from fossil fuels, which are becoming increasingly expensive, so the long-term savings on energy bills increase every year as gas & electricity prices rise.

Hybrid Technologies

Hybrid Technologies

This CPD guide looks at the challenges faced by our built environment due to increasing legislation, the drive for energy efficiency and the need to reduce CO2 emissions.


New-Build Heating and Hot Water Provision

The latest free CPD-Accredited guide looks at the unique approach to heating and hot water provision that is needed for the new homes hat the nation needs to build to match demand.

Chiller Technologies

Chiller Technologies

Mitsubishi Electric strive to continually meet the increasing demands of customers, being the first in the industry to offer highly advanced 'inverter driven' systems.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Organisations facing the compulsory requirements of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) by the end of this year will be interested to hear of a free, CPD-certified guide.

Guide to London Plan

Guide to the London Plan

This is an independent guide produced by Misubishi Electric to enhance the knowledge of its customers and provide a view of the key issues facing our industry today.

Part L & European Legislation

Part L & European Legislation

Part L of the Building Regulations deals with the conservation of fuel and power in domestic and commercial buildings.

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

Guide to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

This is an independent guide produced by Mitsubishi Electric to enhance the knowledge of its customers and provide a view of the key issues facing our industry today.

Energy Efficient Building Controls

Guide to Energy Efficient Building Controls

This is an independent guide produced by Mitsubishi Electric relating to Building controls which are vital to the energy efficient operation of building services equipment, and buildings as a whole.

Guide to the Green Deal

Guide to the Green Deal

Essentially, the Green Deal facilitates the energy-efficient improvement of homes and non-dwellings with some or all of the cost paid for from the savings on their energy bills

Guide to Ventilation

Guide to Ventilation

This is an independent guide produced by Mitsubishi Electric relating to air quality, comfort and ventilation, air handling units, MVHR & energy efficient ventilation

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Guide to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

The aim of MEES is to raise energy efficiency standards in buildings across the UK by encouraging building owners and managers to undertake building upgrades to achieve better EPC ratings.

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