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FRENGER Systems - Design Capabilities

Frenger Design Capabilities In order for Frenger to stay ahead in the area of spatial conditioning technology, it uses a wide variety of design software in-house. They range from 2D and 3D CAD packages and help with bespoke project design to CFD and lighting calculation design programs allowing all aspects of the use of chilled beams to be developed and refined to the highest of levels.

Frenger Design Capabilities Frenger's high level of expertise allows the chilled beams to be designed to suit any project. The use of CAD software does not only allow for chilled beams to be sized and configured on a project to project basis, but also allows 3D images to be rendered in order to simulate how the products will look when installed. Working with the climatic testing department allows data obtained in the test labs be realised in a visual medium, making interpretation of the data more intuitive.

Frenger Design Capabilities Software is used to simulate real-world scenarios, such as stresses and strains including bending motions that are applied to parts of the chilled beams, this then enables bespoke designs to be refined before testing and reduces the amount of repetition required to create the optimum product. Design software is also used to help manufacturing and installation, with 2D and 3D representations used.

For further information on all of Frenger's In-House Design Capabilities including Technical Overview, Climatic Testing, Lighting Design, Acoustic Testing, Design Capabilities and Technical Downloads then please use the Contact Form

Frenger Design Capabilities Frenger Design Capabilities Frenger Design Capabilities Frenger Design Capabilities


Frenger Systems Limited
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Frenger Systems Limited is an FTF Group Company

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