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BRUGG Pipes - Company Profile

Dean Lowe, BRUGG PipesBRUGG Pipes specialises in producing and selling pipe systems for transporting liquids, gases and heat safely and efficiently on a global scale. BRUGG Pipes is your reliable, expert partner in the local heating, district heating, cooling, cold water, industrial, filling station and tank facility sectors. Our trained personnel are able to help with everything from advice about laying right through to project management and installation. Thanks to our wide range of products, expert advice, technical engineering and precise pipe laying, we are able to offer you the very best solutions and will be at your side throughout your entire project.

Both bonded (EN 15632-2) and unbonded (EN 15632-3) are available on the UK market. For professional or extensive installations, the lower heat loss of bonded pipes using PUR foam insulation cannot be underestimated.

Mission Statement

There are dozens of reasons why BRUGG Pipes is at the top of its game.

The customer is our employer. Our internal and external customer focus comes without compromise.

We have always wanted BRUGG Pipes to be synonymous on the market with reliability, efficiency and flexible solutions and are extremely proud to have achieved this.

We consider ourselves to be a partner on all levels and always aim to act for the good of the company as a whole and the customer. We believe in acting instead of waiting it out, solving problems instead of managing them, developing our own initiatives instead of waiting and seeing, taking responsibility instead apportioning blame, and breaking new ground instead of treading well-worn paths.

We put a great deal of trust in our employees, which gives them the freedom to work in an economical way at BRUGG Pipes with motivation and creativity. As they are able to contribute to their departments, they are jointly responsible for the success of the company.

We help one another all along the process chain without needing to be asked. With mutual respect, trust and an understanding of the needs of others, we are proud to be part of the winning team in the pipe sector.

We communicate openly, directly and in a solution-focussed manner both with one another and with our business partners.

We believe that we are a learning organisation and take responsibility for actively shaping change and for personal development.

We are committed to constantly optimising our processes and using resources in an environmentally friendly way. We measure our services against the very best companies, for the benefit of our customers, employees and the environment.

Our services provide our customers with added value that they can measure and see. This is one of the cornerstones for our own success.

It is based on holistic and lateral thinking. We work creatively, courageously and with a great deal of dedication.

We see innovative requests and ideas as an opportunity. We are creative and take risks, creating an environment in which good ideas can be implemented quickly.

We create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment so that we can continue offering attractive jobs to all employees in the future.

BRUGG Pipes UK Ltd
Mountbatten Way
CW12 1DY

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