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PD Devices - Product Applications

PD Devices have specialist experience in providing solutions for the following market sectors:

Rail Transport

In todays Railway & Tram systems they require surge protection for electrical equipment in the total infrastructure. PD Devices offer a specialised range of products designed to address the protection requirements of both above and below ground trackside supply, infrastructure and signalling.

Buildings & Services - Industrial and Commercial

AC mains cables entering a building or facility are points at which large induced lightning and switching surges may appear. PD Devices offer a range of surge protection products for mains power, sub-mains panel and distribution panels offer a co-ordinated approach to surge protection.

Electrical Power Generation & Distribution

PD Devices' AZA Series of MOV (metal oxide varistor) assemblies offers customised options for the overvoltage/surge protection of DC exciters and similar or allied systems. A wide range of Continuous Operating Voltages and system energies can be accommodated in robust and compact assemblies.

Office & Home

PD Devices have a wide range of products designed to provide surge protection of electrical equipment and appliances in all commercial and domestic applications. They include Plugs and Adaptors, Multiway Socket Strips and Data Protection Modules.

Data Networks & Telecoms

PD have developed various Modules with high surge handling capability for protection of Commercial & Industrial applications including LAN's, CCTV, Serial Interfaces, PABX, PSTN, Modems & LTE, Fax and WiMax Networks

Defence & Security

PD Devices manufacture a wide range of products to protect against the effects of high altitude detonation of Nuclear devices. The result of such an event is the generation of Electromagnetic Pulses which will induce a high voltage transient in exposed conductors.

Metal Oxide Varistors

Power Supply Networks and Electronics Systems with high component densities and low withstand semiconductors, demand an effective method of over-voltage protection. PD Devices provide varistors with high energy and current withstand capability, and low clamping voltage.

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