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Condair - Product Applications

Condair has specialist experience in providing solutions for the following sectors:

Industrial Manufacturing

Condair Industrial Manufacturing Applications
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Cleanrooms & laboratories
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Explosive/munitions manufacture
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Paper & pulp production
  • Packaging humidification
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Printing humidification
  • Textile manufacture humidification
  • Tobacco production humidification
  • Spray booth humidification

Food & Beverage

Condair Food & Beverage Applications
  • Abattoir humidification
  • Cold storage humidification
  • Crop storage humidification
  • Mushroom growing humidification
  • Egg hatchery humidification
  • Tea production humidification

Human Health

Condair Human Health Applications
  • Home humidification
  • Hospital & healthcare humidification
  • Office humidification

Other Applications

Condair Other Applications
  • Data centre humidification
  • Concert halls & organs humidification
  • Museums, galleries, art & antiques
  • Eliminating static with humidification
  • In-duct evaporative cooling strategies

Condair plc
Artex Avenue
West Sussex
BN16 3LN

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