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ABB Ability™ Cloud Software Apps

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ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor

Smart Sensors connect your industrial assets to the twenty-first century

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor converts industrial assets, such as motors, mounted bearings, gearing and pumps into smart devices. It monitors key operating parameters and provides information about the equipment's health and performance.

The data is transferred to the Microsoft Azure cloud-based platform, using built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy technology. It is then analyzed with advanced algorithms based on ABB’s extensive know-how. The server sends this information directly to the user’s smartphone and to a dedicated ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor portal.

Smart Sensor is the key element in advanced IOT analytics


Higher availability
The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor enables users to detect problems before they occur. Thus, maintenance can be planned in advance, preventing unplanned downtime and extending the lifetime of the equipment.

Reduced cost

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor can help save money with capital, operating, and energy costs. Over time, energy consumption can be considerably reduced when management uses Smart Sensor insights to upgrade the plant.

Improved safety

Easy to deploy and scale, the sensors reduce risk by decreasing time on the floor for maintenance workers. They enable access to assets that are difficult or dangerous to access

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ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for powertrains

Suite of solutions - from devices, software to services for motors, drives, pumps, mounted bearings

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for powertrains optimizes the performance and efficiency of rotating equipment in the process, discrete and infrastructure industries. It enables full transparency on all parameters for drives, motors, mounted bearings and pumps, and can also be applied to applications such as compressors, conveyors, mixers and extruder main shafts. Users can digitally “see” operational variables and health indicators through an integrated, one-stop portal – including availability, environmental conditions and fault events.

Connected drives, motors, bearings and pumps provide data for advanced monitoring and analytics to improve:

- the performance
- reliability
- efficiency

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ABB Condition Monitoring for Measurement Devices

Check asset health remotely and build a maintenance strategy based on real-time findings

Unplanned downtime and maintenance costs the industry billions of dollars each year. Using new technologies to monitor the data in real-time, helps leading companies minimize risks and costs.

ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for measurement devices - remote condition monitoring solution providing reliable information based on up-to-date conditions of installed devices. This solution targets a huge variety of Industries including Cement, Power generation, waste incinerator, chemicals as primary focus. This powerful tool provides productivity benefits to our customers, even more if applied to systems that play a critical role in production / regulation compliance.

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ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX Industrial & Commercial Site

ABB Ability™ Energy Management for Sites

OPTIMAX® for Industrial and Commercial businesses enables enterprises and other industrial, commercial and power generation companies to:

  • connect energy generating assets at one site to optimize power consumption
  • reduce energy costs by 5-10%
  • minimize site CO2 emissions
  • more easily comply with regulatory reporting and other legal requirements.

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