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Drainage Guide - Roof Outlets - Waterproofing Membrane - PVS Single Ply Membranes - CPD Seminars

Drainage Guide - Roof

Introduction: Wade offer an extensive range of high quality ferrous and non-ferrous roof outlets suitable for most forms of roof construction to accommodate pedestrian, light vehicular or heavy duty traffic. Wade roof outlets are suitable for connection to all forms of pipework in general use. Many variations and accessories not illustrated in this guide are available and it is recommended that specifiers seek the Company’s advice as to the products best suited to a specific project; the complete Wade ‘Roof Outlets’ technical handbook is available for download at www.wade.eu.

Applications: Wade roof outlets are suitable for installation in concrete, metal or wood roof decks utilizing mastic asphalt, built-up felt roofing or proprietary materials as the waterproofing membrane. The following types are available:

WF0/1 series parapet outlets WJ1/2 series downspout nozzles

WF6/7 series balcony outlets

Medium sump outlets Deep sump outlets

3410 series medium sump outlets for inverted roof construction

Product selection:

  1. Determine type of roof construction
  2. Determine area of roof to be drained
  3. Determine type and size of pipework
  4. Select specification code from tables


Full flow capacity figures are available. Example figures shown below are based on rainfall intensity of 0.021 l/s per m² (ref BS EN 12056 : 3).

PVC Single Ply Membranes

Wade roof outlets can be used with these membranes by the addition of a factory fitted PVC annulus to the flange. This allows the membrane to be solvent welded or heat bonded to the outlet.


Further information and technical advice are available from the Wade Technical Services department, at the address below, or from Wade Technical Consultants located throughout the UK.

CAD drawing library, details of CPD seminars and current downloadable versions of all technical literature is available on the Wade website which also includes a tool to calculate number of outlets required based on roof area, head and rainfall intensity.

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Roof Outlets

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