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Requesting a BuildingDesign Notebook

24th Mechanical Engineers' Notebook
Mechanical Engineers' Notebook
24th Architectural
Mechanical Engineers' Notebook
24th Electrical Engineers'
Mechanical Engineers' Notebook

What is a BuildingDesign Notebook?

It is a personal notebook which can be used to record Meeting Minutes and to reference / action items throughout the working day, and for ease of specification during the design / tender stage of construction projects.

How to Request a BuildingDesign Notebook

Request a BuildingDesign

BuildingDesign Notebooks are distributed to Architects and Electrical / Mechanical Engineers who have been nominated by sponsors.

To obtain a free BuildingDesign Notebook, please email your request to admin@buildingdesign.co.uk stating whether you require an Architectural, Electrical or Mechanical notebook and we will provide you with the necessary information.

Advertising in a BuildingDesign Notebook

If you are interested in advertising in a BuildingDesign Notebook, please contact us by email at admin@buildingdesign.co.uk or telephone 01622 745333.

Requesting Further Information

If you would like to request information from any of the companies featured on BuildingDesign, please select one of the options on the left hand side of the page, under the section 'Request Product Information'.

To view the latest Notebooks electronically, click on one of the books to the right:

- 24th Edition Mechanical Engineers' Notebook

- 24th Edition Architectural Notebook

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