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Vapour Flow - Ventilation & Condensation Solutions

Ventilation & Condensation Solutions - Fans - Air Extraction - Smart Humidistat

Vapour Flow designs, manufactures and supplies ventilation products for the housing market. From our premises based in Henley-on-Thames we supply and install all types of domestic ventilation products to Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Private Sector Builders, from designer homes and heritage sites through to high rise tower blocks. We have been in the industry for several decades and have been involved in the conception, design and development of features which have been widely adopted throughout the industry and are now considered main stream today.

We are recognised as being technologically innovative and bring products to market that are ahead of their time, but are based on sound scientific principles. Our focus is on quality and long term low cost of ownership in terms of long life, low maintenance and ease of use. We are committed to green issues and all our products adhere to the WEEE directive and are recyclable.

Vapour Flow offers a wide range of products and solutions, from a single extractor fan through to a full bespoke service which could include a site survey, new product design, build and installation.

Dryvent B

The Dryvent B is our best selling bathroom fan, designed for particularly demanding condensation control requirements at properties suffering from damp conditions, condensation and black mould. Dryvent B continually extracts air on low speed to remove moisture laden air at source before it can condense on walls. This effectively reduces the risk of black mould developing throughout the property.

The internal Autostat smart humidistat continuously monitors the moisture levels in the bathroom air, and automatically triggers the fan into high speed when needed. When the Autostat detects the humidity level rising above acceptable levels, it triggers the powerful high-speed fans until the moisture level in the air drops. Thanks to the vibration-absorbing chassis and advanced Maglev motors, the fan is very quiet in its operation, especially on low speed.

Dryvent K

The Dryvent K is a high performance, dehumidifying kitchen extractor fan designed for particularly demanding condensation control requirements of kitchen environments. It is particularly effective for use in properties suffering from damp conditions. Dryvent K continually extracts on low speed to remove moisture laden air at source before it can condense. This background level of ventilation also improves the air quality throughout the property.

This condensation control is achieved through the inclusion of an internal, microprocessor driven Autostat unit. When the built-in Autostat detects the humidity level rising above acceptable levels the fan triggers into high speed delivering powerful performance when it is needed most.

Autostat IV Smart Humidistat

The Autostat IV is an intelligent, microprocessor driven humidity controller, which unlike conventional humidistats is based on a determination of absolute humidity, not relative humidity. The important difference between the two is that absolute humidity is not affected by the temperature of the surrounding environment, making the Autostat IV perfectly suited to environments with widely fluctuating air moisture content such as kitchens, laundry rooms, shower and bathrooms, whilst not being affected by the ambient background humidity.

For example, cooking and tumble dryers produce large amounts of water vapour. A local RH% controller would register only a slight increase in RH% due to a simultaneous increase in temperature, causing the air to hold more moisture. Increased ventilation would therefore not be triggered. However, the Autostat would identify a change in the moisture content of the air and react accordingly.


The Warm Air Dehumidifier whole house fan is fitted within the attic space where the air is filtered and then pre-warmed before flowing into the home through a grille located on the ceiling, generally in the landing area. The dry air input runs continuously purging the property of damp and stale air. Fresh replacement air provides for a healthier living environment and when coupled with vapour vents, gives ventilation-based condensation control where needed. During the warmer months, the in-built thermostat automatically switches off the 200 watt heater within the fan.

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