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Vapour Flow - Domestic Ventilation Products

Domestic Ventilation - BluRay - AutoStat - AutoFlow Valve - PyroSafe Vent

Vapour Flow designs, manufactures and supplies ventilation products for the housing market. Based in Henley-on-Thames, we supply and install all types of domestic ventilation products, from designer homes and heritage sites, social housing through to high rise tower blocks. Our experience in the industry over several decades continues to enable new conception, design and development, with many of our features widely adopted throughout the industry. We are technologically innovative and bring products to market that are ahead of their time, but are based on sound scientific principles. We are committed to green issues and offer a wide range of products and solutions, from a single extractor fan through to a full bespoke design specific to your needs.

BluRay Range

The BluRay range provides modern day control of all our equipment via smartphone apps with Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth fan range has been developed to give the user increased control over the ventilation units, whilst giving access to the incorporated data logger which provides information on humidity levels, temperature and fan operation over a period of time. The control is provided by using the Vapour Flow App on mobile devices. All units incorporate AutoStat Smart Humidity Controller with Bluetooth Interface.


AutoStat is a Smart humidity controller that is based on absolute humidity, rather than relative humidity. This results in a more meaningful measurement of water content of air, with absolute humidity measuring the water in g/m³ regardless of temperature. The AutoStat samples the surrounding humidity environment, then stores and averages the results. If any sudden increases, such as bathing or cooking occur, the AutoStat will recognise this immediately. Another sample is taken after a few minutes which is used to calculate a total running time for the ventilation equipment to operate. This mechanism results in the ventilation period being quantitative, resulting in much more consistent operation with the system only working when required.

AutoFlow Valve

The AutoFlow Valve is a self-balancing air flow regulator that provides set air flows at each port on ducted systems over a variable pressure range. The system avoids time-consuming work on projects with balancing communal ducting systems. It is also an effective way of saving energy, as the AutoFlow Valve restricts the airflow and pressure through the port, causing the air to naturally look for the next efficient route.

When each port has the AutoFlow Valve in place, the pressure is spread equally to all the ports to ensure that each port is extracting at the same constant rate. It optimises air flow rates at all times, reducing condensation issues and improving air quality. Pre-set air flow levels are chosen during the installation which are set between 9l/s and 19l/s. The autonomous air valves harmonise the air flow with all the other air flow valves in the same system, creating a continuous controlled environment without further need to adjustment as each unit attenuates the air flow dynamically in response to changing conditions. This translates to a one-time installation.

PyroSafe Vent

The PyroSafe Vent is a smart vent, protecting smoke from spreading through communal ventilation systems in a high-rise building. The PyroSafe Vent is designed to inhibit the spread of smoke and fire through communal duct systems by compartmentalising a dwelling when smoke is detected, either from the dwelling or from the duct system. On smoke detection or a rapid temperature increase, the unit will automatically close the ventilation valve and activate the audible alarm. The audible alarm can be stopped by the reset button; however, the valve will remain closed until the smoke is cleared. In the event of a localised fire, the intumescent disc will be activated, expand and close the duct further.

The integral A Smart humidity controller continually senses the environment and during times of high humidity, compensates the smoke detector to stop false alarms, due to smoke and water vapour particles being similar sizes. This feature allows the device to be situated in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as living areas. Bluetooth connectivity allows for extensive remote testing of the unit. The onboard data logger is also accessible via Bluetooth, allowing the user to download and then email the relevant data to be filed.

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