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Samsung Electronics - Split Systems

Split Systems - 4way Cassette - Duct S - Zone Control - Surface Mounted - Multi-split

The Commercial Air Conditioning range of split systems available from Samsung are ideal for retail, residential, hospitality & commercial applications, combining innovative stylish design with high efficiency and leading controls technology.

Cassette Systems

Available in compact (600x600) and standard sizes the Samsung 4way cassette are manufactured from lightweight plastic and the 204mm thin 7.1kW standard model will fit into restrictive ceiling voids without the need for a space collar (the 10kW is also only 246mm). All the 4way compact cassettes are 250mm thin, including the 7.1kW capacity model size.

The 135mm 1way cassette system is also designed to fit within slim voids and is complete with a choice of 2 panel designs.

Ducted Systems

Available in slim, standard or large dimensions, the Samsung ducted split system range covers 2.6 to 20kW. The slim range covers 2.6 to 5.2kW in depths of 200mm. The medium static pressure Duct S systems are available from 3.5 to 14kW, with models up to 10kW fitting within a 250mm ceiling void. All Duct S systems provide up to 150Pa ESP, auto air volume tuning and interface to a Zone Control system, which allows 1 ducted indoor unit to provide modulated control of up to 8 zones via on/off dampers.

An 18 & 20kW large High static pressure system offers 200Pa and is suitable for large open plan retail spaces, halls and gymnasiums.

Surface Mounted Systems

Utilised usually in environments with restrictive ceiling voids the Samsung wall, floor and ceiling suspended systems provide stylish efficient solutions.

Samsung offer 2 styles of high wall systems. A standard rectangular design is complemented by an efficient high air volume, low noise triangular style system, both ranges available in capacities from 2.6 to 7.1kW.

The Ceiling suspended range is available in capacities from 5 to 14kW and the larger models sit just 235mm down from the ceiling.

A compact floor mounted console range in sizes 2.6, 3.5 & 5kW is just 199mm thick and 720mm wide and ideal for residential and small office applications. The unique design of the Q9000 floor standing system, provides a stylish cooling solution to up to 50m2 spaces. Ideally installed in the corner of a room the system can provide 7 different fan patterns from its iris apertures and is ideal for classrooms, gymnasiums, airport lounges, retail and reception areas.

Multi-split Systems

Samsung also offer twin, triple & quad multi split systems utilising cassette and ducted units, plus a range of mini-multi style systems with up to 5 indoor units of various styles supplied from single outdoor units up to 10kW.

Accessories & Control Options

The Samsung virus doctor filtration technology which eradicates 99.6% of viruses and bacteria, makes it an ideal solution for healthcare or education applications and is incorporated within a number of splits systems as standard and offered as accessory options to most of the other model types.

The majority of the Samsung split systems can connect directly or be interfaced with the full range of DVM S VRF control. A Wi-Fi control option is also available on cassette and ducted split systems.

Split Systems

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Samsung Electronics & Product Range

Samsung Electronics & Product Range

Samsung Electronics & Product Range

Samsung Electronics & Product Range

Samsung Electronics
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