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LG Electronics - Multi VRF Systems

Multi V IV - Inverter Compressor - HiPOR™ - High Pressure Oil Return - VRF - Heat Recovery

Multi V 5 (model ref: ARUM***LTE5), LG Electronics’ latest Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution, is equipped with a host of technological advancements. These include;

Dual Sensing Control

Directly benefiting the end user, Dual Sensing Control LG Electronics Dual Sensing Controlreduces operating costs and optimises comfort conditions. The Multi V 5 system reacts to load requirements by monitoring both temperature and humidity levels using Smart Load Control (SLC). The system operating conditions are regulated in reaction to both latent and sensible heat loads, increasing energy efficiency by up to 31% compared to some SLC models, rather than a traditional sensible load only.

A typical VRF system operation would fluctuate considerably in order to maintain required room conditions, normally operating on a thermostat on, thermostat off cycle.

The Multi V 5 Dual Sensing Control offers each user a selectable Comfort Cooling option, which maintains supply air temperatures around the desired room set point, reducing on/off cycling, eliminating draughts and delivering maximum user comfort.

Ultimate Inverter Compressor

LG’s own 5th generation compressor offers a host of unique LG technological developments, a High Sided Shell (HSS), High Pressure Oil Return (HiPOR™) and a new Polyetheretheketone (PEEK) bearing which allows an all inverter system compressor to operate between 10Hz-165Hz, increasing partial efficiencies, extending capacity and increasing reliability. The advanced PEEK bearing system sees a redesigned scroll bearing consisting of a material normally used in airplane engines to give high reliability by suffering minimum effects of frictional wear at high temperatures, a cause normally associated from periods of oil-less operation. HiPOR™ greatly reduces compressor energy wastage by returning oil directly into the sump of the compressor. Oil viscosities are kept low and volumetric efficiencies high which adds to increased compressor efficiencies by up to 10%.

LG’s concept of real time oil monitoring is included in each compressor. ‘Smart Oil Management’ utilises a sensor placed in each compressor to monitor oil levels in real time, allowing corrective action when required, improving lifecycle expectancies and extending heating periods by eliminating unnecessary oil return, coupled with the added ability to balance oil levels between compressors.

Large Capacity ODU

Adopting an awareness of biological-inspired engineering, a biomimetic fan has been developed and incorporated with a 4-sided heat exchanger and improved compressor performance. Multi V 5’s efficiency and capacity has been enhanced to be able to provide 26HP (72.8kW) from a single outdoor unit.

Working with Seoul University’s Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, the researchers behind the development of Multi V 5 drew inspiration from the Humpback whale’s functional morphology of flipper structures to give a naturally evolved passive flow control. By adopting a biomechanical approach, increased air flows have become possible, negating most of the associated negatives.

Ocean Black Fin

Equipped with Ocean Black Fin anti-corrosion coating, Multi V 5’s 4-side heat exchanger is protected to reduce the effects of corrosion normally found in coastal and industrial environments. The 2-part coating consists of a black epoxy resin providing the resistance and a hydrophilic coating to minimise the accumulation of moisture, which would accelerate any chemical reaction.

Solution to a Varied Application

With ever increasing demand for various applications of VRF across the HVAC industry, LG’s Multi V range has always offered a common outdoor unit model with the possibility to attach fan coils, air handling units, water production, heat recovery ventilation and an array of control integrations. With the introduction of Multi V 5, LG has made a common chassis for heat pump and heat recovery systems (BS box will be required for HR).

A change to system application once tenants have moved into the building has now never been easier.

Multi VRF

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