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Fläkt Woods - Fire Safety

Air Management Solutions - Air Handling Units - Fire Safety Products - Axial Flow Fans - Fire Dampers - Smoke Dampers - Car Park Ventilation

Uniquely Integrated Solutions

For mechanical engineering specifiers, it is notable that Fläkt Woods is the only company capable of fully providing such integrated air management solutions. Fläkt Woods has the most comprehensive product families and product range available which include:

Air Treatment: Air Handling Units, Energy Recovery Units, Chillers.

Air Diffusion: Diffusers/Active Diffusers, Air Curtains, Chilled Beams.

Air Movement: Axial Fans, Duct Fans, Centrifugal Fans.

Air Management: Controls, VAVs, Dampers, Fire/Smoke Dampers, Grilles, Fans Coils, Cabinet Units, Air Heaters, CleanVent® Valves, Fire Damper Valves.

Air Distribution: Tubes, Fittings, Isolators.

Whether the application is simple or complex, we have the same fundamental objective for each customer: to provide a total solution that is practical, cost effective and energy efficient.

Fire Safety Products

High Temperature Axial Flow Fans

Fläkt Woods offers a wide range of fans specifically designed for use in emergency fire ventilation and smoke extract situations. Fans are suitable for continuous running when providing general ventilation or process cooling, but in the event of a fire, fans are able to provide a one-off emergency service.

Fans are essential in clearing smoke from the fire area to allow escape routes for building users, assist fire services in fighting fire and minimising the damage to the building.

Fläkt Woods has introduced their brand new Axial Fan, the JMv with VCC impeller blade technology, a new aerodynamic hub design and efficiency boosting guide vanes. The new axial fan can help reduce energy bills by up to 24%. Available to use in standard and high temperature applications.

Fläkt Woods high temperature smoke fans, including JM HT/JMv HT axial fans and the Centrimaster® GT, which are designed and tested to the most modern standards to ensure their efficient operation in a fire situation.

Fläkt Woods’ HT fan ranges have been independently tested to the new European standard EN 12101-3, creating the widest range of approved smoke extract fans.

Fire & Smoke Dampers

Fire and smoke dampers are used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke via ventilation ducts in case of fire. Fläkt Woods’ product range includes a wide range of fire dampers for different market needs.

Intumescent seals on the damper blade ensure that the smoke leakage requirements for Class E 60 S are met as specified in EN 13501-3.

The product fulfils the requirements of tightness Class C tested according to EN 1751 and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), gaining itself the European industry recognised CE Mark which has been mandatory since 1st July 2013. Fläkt Woods recognises the importance and provides what is now recognised as law – check your suppliers to confirm or ask Fläkt Woods for further information.

Car Park Ventilation

Fläkt Woods has the widest range of car park fans available in today’s market, from the largest Induction Thrust Fan through to compact, lightweight Jet Thrust Fan models to meet any installed requirement.

That means we can deliver all the air movement functions, performance, capacity and fire safety criteria that any car park requires – whatever its size and purpose.

In short, our expertise has precisely the answer you need.

Fläkt Woods now has the new Trix unit available which has the following unique features; CE Marked, compact, flexible installation, high thrust capabilities and multi discharge options – a world first!

On Site Support Services

Fläkt Woods' commitment to optimum efficiency and performance extends beyond system installation.

Expert support for end-users continues to be available long-term for all our products and whole building ventilation systems via:

  • Condition monitoring of AHU systems & fans
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Tailored maintenance contracts
  • On-site refurbishment & upgrade where required
  • Technical advice for installers is also always available

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