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Condair - Water Treatment

Water Filter - Humidifier Maintenance - PureFlo RO - Water Filters for Humidifiers

Condair PureFlo

Water filter for humidifiers High efficiency, all-in-one system

RO water for improved humidification - by removing the minerals from a humidifier’s supply water the limescale that builds up in the system is virtually eliminated. This results in a much lower level of required maintenance in all types of humidifier and reduced energy consumption in steam humidifiers. These cost savings can lead to a payback on the initial purchase of the RO (reverse osmosis) unit in around one year.

Steam humidifiers that run on mains water need to drain their boiling chambers occasionally to maintain a low mineral content and reduce limescale build-up. By using RO supply water, the steam humidifier’s boiling chamber does not require this regular drain. Therefore it uses less energy to maintain the water’s temperature.

As the water temperature is consistent, the steam output is also consistent thus improving humidity control. By using resistive steam humidifiers fed by RO water ±1%RH control can be achieved.

Other benefits of using RO water with humidifiers include increasing the life of the evaporative pads in evaporative humidifiers and preventing dust carry-over in spray humidifiers.


  • Virtually eliminates scale build-up in humidifiers
  • Reduces maintenance time & cost
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Enables precise humidity control
  • Extends humidifier life

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