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Space Airconditioning - Air Conditioning Solutions

Daikin Heat Reclaim Air To Air Splits - Multi Splits

The Company

Established in 1980.

Space Airconditioning plc, based in Guildford, Surrey, is the largest of Daikin Europe’s extensive network of independent distributors, and the longest established of only 2 official distributors operating in the UK.

Space Air is able to offer complete system design capability, schematic drawings, product training, after-sales support and holds excellent finished goods and original parts stock. Space Air also designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical accessories, many of which are unique.

Award winning Space Air is acknowledged as one of the industry’s foremost suppliers of air conditioning and heat pumps.


Established in 1924.

Daikin Europe NV was established in 1974 to spearhead the manufacture and distribution of Daikin products in Europe. From it’s Headquarters in Belgium, Daikin Europe NV developed a sales distribution network, comprising largely of independent organisations, to act as the manufacturer’s technical sales arm throughout the territories it covered. Today Daikin Europe NV controls 10 major manufacturing facilities based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK. It’s sales distribution network, numbers more than 40 companies, the vast majority of which, like Space Airconditioning plc, remain independent.

2kW ~ 25kW Air-to-Air Split Systems

Pair & Multi-Type

Daikin’s innovative, climate control air-to-air split systems, use the latest inverter technology, saving up to 70% in energy consumption when compared to non-inverter alternatives. Maximum comfort, minimal maintenance and lowest operating costs are assured. A vast array of indoor unit types are available, including floor, wall and ceiling mounted/suspended as well as the radiant heat panel Nexura unit, the stylish new Emura for an ultra modern look. Multi-type split systems are able to connect up to 9 indoor units, reducing installation space requirements and costs. This makes them ideal for residential and small-medium sized buildings, including offices, restaurants, bars and schools. All Daikin split heat pumps feature excellent energy efficiency characteristics and come as heating only or heating and cooling.

Heat Reclaim Ventilation System (HRV)

80% total heat recovery

Daikin’s HRV system efficiently exchanges temperature and humidity between supply and exhaust air. This process recovers energy losses (sensible and latent). Stand alone or integrated with split or VRV air conditioning systems, HRV considerably reduces system loads. Ideal for residential, refurbishment and new build and can be applied to commercial applications as air flow rates range from 150-2000m3/h. Extremely popular in the education sector, models are available with built in DX coil and humidity control.

Free RIBA Approved CPD Seminars

Space Air hold RIBA approved CPD seminars, providing information on the latest in the air conditioning and heat pump industry, including environmental standards and regulations.

CPD 1: An introduction to the Basic Principles of Air Conditioning and Systems, with the emphasis on energy efficiency and the environment.

CPD 2: An Introduction to Air-to-Water Air Source Heat Pump Systems, mainly as designed to replace conventional residential central heating.

CPD 3: An overview of legislation that impacts on Air Conditioning Installation and their Operators.

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Space Air Logo

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Space Air Product Range

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Space Air HQ in Surrey;
Examples of Space Air Designed & Manufactured Accessories;
Daikin Round Flow Cassette Unit;
Illustration of a Daikin HRV Unit Integrated within a System

Space Airconditioning Plc
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