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Panasonic UK - VRF / Heating / Cooling / AHUs

VRF Systems - ECO G GHP - ECOi - Aquarea - AHUs - Air Source Heat Pumps

Panasonic Leads the Way in Heating & Cooling

With a diverse network of production and R&D facilities, Panasonic delivers innovative products incorporating cutting-edge technology that set the standard for air conditioning and heating systems worldwide.

ECO G GHP Gas-Driven VRF Systems

Panasonic’s extensive range of GHP commercial systems includes 2-pipe and 3-pipe ECO G systems. Leading the industry in the development of efficient and flexible systems, Panasonic GHP is the natural choice for commercial projects, especially where electrical power restrictions apply.

The Panasonic ECO G system runs on natural gas or LPG, requiring just a single phase supply, which enables the building’s electrical supply to be used for other critical systems such as IT servers, commercial refrigeration and lighting. It also reduces capital cost to upgrade power substations to run heating and cooling systems.

The GHP system provides quick and powerful heating and cooling and increases delivery of heat into the space by the efficient recovery of heat. In addition, the use of engine waste heat ensures that the Panasonic gas heat pump air conditioner requires no defrost cycle, providing continuous 100% heating performance in severe weather conditions, with outside temperatures as low as -20°C.

Key benefits of Panasonic ECO G GHPs include:

  • Up to 71kW of cooling from a current consumption of 0.1kW/h
  • Embedded water-heat exchanger to produce up to 30kW of free hot water from the waste heat of the engine (2-pipe units only)
  • Reduced NOX and CO2 emissions

ECOi Electric VRF Systems

ECOi electric VRF systems are specifically designed for the most demanding air conditioning requirements in offices and large buildings.

The extensive ECOi VRF range includes:

Panasonic ECOi EX is the latest addition to the VRF range of products. It offers exceptionally efficient performance, delivering the highest ESEER rating in outdoor capacities as well as high efficiency for part-load operations that accurately match the environment in which it is being used. The units guarantee 100% of capacity at extreme temperatures, 43°C in cooling and -20°C in heating.

Panasonic Mini ECOi 2-pipe heat pump small VRF system sets new standards for performance and flexibility. Forming a new key part of the Panasonic VRF line up, the Mini ECOi is compatible with the same indoor units and controls as the rest of the ECOi range.

Panasonic ECOi 6N 2-Pipe systems are among the most efficient VRF systems on the market, offering COPs in excess of 4.0 at full-load conditions and a maximum capacity ratio of 200%. The system is also designed to reduce running costs by ensuring that the most efficient combination of compressors is running at any one time.

Panasonic MF2 3-Pipe series offers the best solution for simultaneous heating and cooling even for the most demanding of applications. The new 3-pipe units have only one chassis size, with a very small footprint (only 0.93 m²) for installation in compact areas.

Aquarea Air Source Heat Pumps

Panasonic has extended its wide range of Aquarea air-to-water heat pumps. The Aquarea air source heat pumps are easy to install, simple to control, efficient to run and deliver outstanding energy performance. Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, the systems are cost-effective and environmentally-friendly and satisfy all relevant European regulations.

Aquarea H Series All In One

Panasonic has launched its brand new All in One H Series range of air to water heat pumps. This compact and super-efficient series spans four capacities from 3kW-9kW and is an ideal solution for any application. The new H Series All in One has been introduced as a unique heating and hot water solution - integrating the hydrokit and 200 litre accumulator into a single unit. This new range eliminates the need for a buffer tank to guarantee a minimum volume in the heating system, whilst maintaining a high capacity and efficiency, even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C.

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