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Monodraught - Natural Ventilation / Daylight / Cooling

Natural Ventilation - Windcatcher® - Hybrid Thermal Mixing System - Daylight - Cooling

Monodraught has over 40 years’ experience developing award winning, low energy solutions for the building services industry.

Natural Ventilation

Monodraught Windcatcher® systems encapsulate prevailing wind and carry that fresh air down into the room below to provide natural ventilation. The system is divided internally into four quadrants so that the leeward side of the system creates a negative pressure causing an extract at high level which removes stale air and CO2 from the building.

In addition, the system utilises passive stack and buoyancy principles. Volume control dampers within the system regulate the amount of ventilation, according to requirements. Windcatcher® natural ventilation systems can eliminate the need for air conditioning during summer months and provide all the benefits of free night cooling without compromising the security of the building.

The Windcatcher® range includes the classic GRP units which can be manufactured in square, circular and oval as well as feature turret systems. The manufacturing process allows for special bespoke designs and sizes to be provided to suit the exact building requirements to any BS or RAL colour. The Windcatcher® X-Air has excellent structural and UV stability and comes with a 10 year No Leak Guarantee.

Activlouvre® modulating aerofoil technology features specially designed louvre blades to minimise resistance and maximise airflow. Both Windcatcher® ranges include the option of solar powered assisted natural ventilation with Sola-boost® variants.

The Ventsair® louvre system is designed to suit a variety of different building façade applications. The system provides controlled fresh air during the day and secure night time cooling via cross flow and stack ventilation.

Hybrid Thermal Mixing System (HTM)

The Hybrid Thermal Mixing System is designed to meet the requirements of the Priority Schools Building Programme by combining exceptionally low specific fan powers and an intelligent control system as standard. This includes a full data logging facility, temperature control and CO2 control.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems (MVHR)

Monodraught’s MVHR systems are designed to supply tempered fresh air to any built space, ensuring the correct oxygen levels are maintained whilst expelling stale air. By simultaneously recovering heating or cooling energy to temper incoming air, the systems can significantly reduce power consumption and associated building running costs.

Natural Daylighting

The Sunpipe® system maximises the concept of renewable energy by reflecting daylight down through a mirror-finish aluminium tube. By installing these systems, at least 75% of the electricity used for the lighting during daytime use can be saved and a considerable saving in carbon emissions can be achieved. Other key benefits include the quality of the natural light within the building and the positive effects on those occupants therein. There is virtually no heat loss in winter months and solar gain is minimised during summer months.

Sunpipe® Luxloop combines all the benefits of the Sunpipe with a high efficiency LED source to deliver the right light at the right time of the day.

Natural Cooling

Cool-phase® is a low energy cooling and ventilation system that creates a comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment while reducing the running costs of commercial buildings. Cool-phase® uses a thermal battery store utilising a Phase Change Material (PCM) in combination with an intelligently controlled air handling unit. The Cool-phase® system can maintain temperatures within the comfort zone while radically reducing energy consumption by up to 90% compared to a conventional cooling system.

Cool-phase® Hybrid is an innovative enhancement that links high efficiency air to water heat pumps with Monodraught’s natural cooling phase change material system. Monodraught also offers a range of grilles, diffusers, external louvres, volume control dampers and heat pump water heater systems.

Monodraught Building Simulation

Monodraught offers IES Cool-phase®, Windcatcher® and HTM® libraries to help architects and consultants deliver low maintenance, energy efficient designs within the built environment. Pre-defined 3D representations can be dragged easily onto a building model.

BIM objects are also available for Windcatcher®, Cool-phase® and HTM®.

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