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FRENGER Systems - Healthcare

Hospital - Active Chilled Beams - ACB - Healthcare

Active Chilled Beams for Healthcare & Patient Rooms

Chilled Beam technology is predominantly used in 'owner occupied' buildings or buildings where the persons paying the energy and/or maintenance bills are influential in the HVSC equipment selection / solution.

One such sector is Healthcare. Frenger have a great deal of awareness of Healthcare applications stemming back some 80 years when Frenger Troughton Young pioneered the supply and installation of Frenger heated ceilings to most if not all hospitals in the UK.

Currently Frenger mainly utilise active chilled beam technology to provide the heating as an integral constructed active chilled beam (ACB) units that are purposely designed for Healthcare applications. Detailed below are some of the 'Plus Points' for ACB technology and some 'Project References' for Frenger supplied ACB units for healthcare and hospital applications.

Chilled Beam Technology Plus Points

Long Life Expectancy (two year extended warranty available) as ACBs have no moving parts, there are no components to wear out or replace Low maintenance (only a bi-annual clean is recommended as ACBs have no moving parts, no filters to replace and all access for simple cleaning is from the room side, not the ceiling void).

  • Energy Efficient (Typically 22% lower than top tier Fan Coil Units
  • Optimum in room occupancy Thermal Comfort
  • Low noise levels (less than 25dB sound pressure levels are possible)
  • Low construction depth
  • Simple System to control
  • Best overall 25-year lifecycle cost

It is best practice to extract air from the corridors to yield a more positive air pressure in the patient room and under pressure in the corridor where old air is extracted.

Reduced Risk of Cross-Contamination

Mechanical filtration at the air handling unit (AHU) can be effective in producing virtually bacteria-free supply (primary) fresh air in hospitals. Viruses and many gases, however, cannot be filtered.

By introducing filtered primary (fresh) air from the AHU to patient rooms with healthcare Active Chilled Beam (ACB) units, coupled with all re-circulated room air via the ACB closed back design and extract air not being reused avoids cross-contamination with ceiling voids and/or/ other patient rooms.

Dependent upon patient room size / loads, one or more healthcare ACB units (each compact in design and no need for separate grills taking up valuable ceiling space) can keep all fresh and re-circulated air within the room space which prevents the conditioned clean air coming into contact with the ceiling void and/or other rooms.

Optimum Comfort & IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

An Active Chilled Beam (ACB) system will typically control temperature and humidity in the occupied space via the air handling unit (AHU) with a constant supply of primary air (minimum fresh-air ventilation requirements are met at all times) and chilled water (above dew point) for sensible loads.


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