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Daikin UK - Rooftop / Air Quality / Refrigeration

Rooftop Airconditioning - Ventilation and Air Purification - Commercial Refrigeration

Rooftop Airconditioning

Rooftops - A rooftop air conditioning unit is a basic ‘plug and play’ solution, ideal for medium to large spaces where an economical yet effective system is required. As well as delivering heating and cooling, roof air conditioners provide the option to switch to ‘free cooling’ as an energy saving mode in mid-season.

Free Cooling Energy Saving Option - Rooftop units can be equipped with an economiser option enabling ‘free cooling’ when the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature, which means the outdoor air can be used as free source of cooling.

Fresh Air Ventilation - A fresh air ventilation option is also available to maintain a high quality indoor environment. This uses CO2 sensors to monitor the air quality and to regulate the amount of incoming fresh air.

Plug & Play Installation - The single packaged unit is either mounted on the roof, as the name suggests, or alternatively at ground level next to the building. It requires no additional piping work, as both the indoor and outdoor sides are pre-connected. The unit can be used with various lengths of ducting and once the ductwork is installed, the unit can simply be connected to the electrical supply and is ready to operate.

Suitable for Wide Range of Air Volumes - Air volumes can be sized to meet the exact demands of medium to large buildings. The units can be installed adjacent or remotely and can be adjusted to meet the specific air flow and energy saving performance requirements of the building.

Ventilation & Air Purification

Daikin offers a variety of ventilation, air purification and large scale air handling solutions to help provide a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment in offices, hotels, stores and other commercial environments.

Fresh Air - As building regulations raise standards in the energy efficient design of buildings, insulation levels become much higher, reducing the heating and cooling demand in buildings. However, stale air can remain trapped and cause:

  • Need of oxygen
  • Greater risk of allergies
  • Odours lingering for longer
  • Increased condensation / mould

Ventilation Offers Efficiencies - Fresh air ventilation removes stale air and offers free cooling and can be integrated with a building climate control system for maximum energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Air Purification - Daikin air purification solutions perform a range of filtration, purification and humidification functions, which can eliminate potentially harmful agents from the air to improve breathing comfort.

Controlling Air Quality - Daikin’s highly efficient air handling solutions offer precise control of humidity and air quality to suit your space requirements. Each bespoke solution comprises a modular combination of air handling units, which can be totally customised and assembled directly on-site.

Full Solutions Range - A comprehensive range of modular ventilation systems can be adapted to suit all kinds and sizes of commercial environments.

Commercial Refrigeration

Daikin’s comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration solutions are suitable for many different environments including convenience stores, supermarkets, cold storage warehouses, hotels and department stores.

Low temperature deep-freezers and medium temperature refrigeration for applications with fluctuating loads are catered for by energy efficient solutions for every commercial refrigeration requirement. The integration of refrigeration within a wider air conditioning system using Daikin’s Conveni-pack solution, makes it possible to achieve even higher energy efficiency levels, while reducing the outdoor footprint by up to 60%.

Reduced Environmental Footprint - By integrating all your commercial refrigeration, deep-freeze and air conditioning units, the footprint of the outdoor installation can be reduced by up to 60%, while direct and indirect CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced.

Reliable Operation - Daikin’s fully packaged outdoor units are assembled and tested rigorously in our factories. The units are protected by weather resistant housing made of electro-galvanized steel with an anti-corrosion treatment, for a long-life even in severe weather conditions.

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