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Systemair - Data Centre Cooling

Data Centre Cooling - AHUs - Fans - Heat Exchanger

Systemair Indirect Free Cooling AHUs

Geniox IFC DV 20-150

  • Efficient free-cooling solution
  • High efficiency EC fans
  • Ready to operate in extreme outdoor air conditions
  • Integrated control system
  • No mixing with outdoor air
  • High air & water economiser
  • Long-lasting equipment
  • TIER 3 ready

Indirect Free-Cooling IFC DV

Unit Characteristics

  • Temperature & humidity control of indoor air
  • 100% sensible cooling
  • High efficiency WUE adiabatic cooling with water recovery
  • Low pPUE figures
  • Heat exchangers with efficiency up to 80%
  • Temperature or pressure control of cooling need

Ecodesign Directive 327/2011 ErP Fans

  • UPS & double power feed intake
  • By-pass mixing damper for extreme low temperature environment
  • Steam humidifier
  • Reheating coil for dehumidification
  • Roof installation
  • ERE coil
  • F7 filters

Modes of Operation

Heat Exchanger Mode

Warm air from the data centre room is supplied to the plate heat exchanger. Cold outdoor air passes through the heat exchanger in a parallel air path without mixing with the indoor air. Indoor air is cooled down by the cooling power of outdoor air. In order to maintain capacity, the outdoor airflow varies depending on outdoor air parameters i.e. if the temperature goes down, the airflow is reduced.

Partial Support Mode

During very high outdoor air temperature periods, the partial support mode starts. In this mode, there are two cooling stages of process indoor air: first it is pre-cooled with the help of evaporative cooling and the heat exchanger and then it is cooled within the built-in cooling coil stage.

Heat Exchanger + Adiabatic Mode

When the outdoor air temperature goes up and the cooling power is not enough to maintain capacity, the adiabatic evaporative cooling mode starts. Outdoor air passes through the adiabatic humidifier where water is evaporated and the outdoor air temperature is reduced. Pre-cooled outdoor air is supplied to the plate heat exchanger and cools the indoor air. In order to maintain minimal power consumption, outdoor airflow is also reduced according to cooling requirements in this mode.

Support Mode

During periods of extremely high outdoor air temperature and humidity, the outdoor air fan will be turned off. Process indoor air will be cooled down by the built-in cooling coil which is able to maintain 100% of required cooling capacity. The cooling coil is supported by an external chiller or condensing unit.

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