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DMS - Metering & Flow Control

Superstatic Heat Meter -  - Control Valves - Piezoelectric sensor - AB-QM

Superstatic - The Credible Alternative to Ultrasonic

Why? The Top 10

  • Same meter for heating & cooling: -20°C +130°C
  • Complete range of flows qp 0.6-1500 m³/h, DN15-DN500
  • Only 0.5 bar system pressure required
  • Same meter for horizontal, vertical riser & vertically down pipework
  • Best result at AGFW (Germany) durability test
  • No influence from water impurities – thanks to the self-cleaning effect from the fluid oscillator jet
  • No reflection or misdirection of the signals – as with ultrasonic sensors
  • Replaceable sensor head without removing from pipework
  • More than 65 cooling liquids (Glycols) programmed!
  • Complete range of flow capacities qp 1-1500 m³/h, DN15-DN500

Superstatic Heat Meter
(Fluid Oscillator Technology)

In the oscillator, the liquid is fed to a nozzle and accelerated to a vibrating jet. Through one of the nozzles opposite to the tongue, the jet is diverted left or right into a canal that leads to the measuring head which contains a piezoelectric sensor.

The liquid produced by the pressure on the piezoelectric sensor creates an electric pulse and flows back. The flow is directed in the other channel where the process is repeated. The piezoelectric sensor is surrounded by the liquid from the other side and another pulse is generated. The process is repeated through the fluid in motion – the fluid oscillation. The frequency of the oscillation is proportional to the flow.

An additional positive benefit is a self-cleaning effect of the oscillating jet due to the increased speed of the jet.

CMeX Series

The CMeX Series is ready to use with no configuration required in the field. The possibility of stacking the CMeX enables one CMe to handle multiple M-Bus 2-wire buses isolated from each other. After installation, the device shows an indication if the installation was successful and no short-circuit was detected on the bus. The RS232 interface enables communication to any system using M-Bus over RS232 (Tridium, Honeywell, Trend)

  • M-Bus standard open protocol
  • M-Bus Slaves 32 / 64 / 128 / 256
  • GSM/GPRS data transmission (CMe2100 required)
  • Transparent M-Bus dataflow
  • I/O modules
  • D/A modules to read input signals

Control Valve - AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing & Control Valve

The AB-QM can be used separately as an automatic flow limiter valve or as a combined flow limiter and control valve when fitted with an actuator. In addition, the setting is extremely user friendly and reliable, making the AB-QM maintenance free.

The AB-QM valve is the obvious choice for balancing and controlling terminal units such as fan coils, chilled ceilings and air handling units. For the Commissioning Engineer it is straight forward to set the maximum designed flow – just turn the pre-setting scale at the desired flow. A built-in diaphragm then maintains a constant low differential pressure across the setting cone on the AB-QM. This ensures that the maximum set flow is not exceeded.

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Metering & Flow Control

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